GymKeeper - Gym Log Workout Tracker Full MOD APK 5.31

GymKeeper – Gym Log Workout Tracker Full MOD APK

4.3/5 Votes: 5,750
Apr 9, 2023
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Mod Info

● Full Subscription Unlocked
● Single Package APK (No SAI Needed):
– Languages: English
– CPU architectures: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a
– DPIs: xhdpi, xxhdpi


GymKeeper is a workout tracker app that was designed to provide the easiest and quickest way to log your gym activity. Track progress, gain strength and muscle mass or lose weight, build the perfect body using the most intuitive workout tracker & planner in the world. GymKeeper will perfectly suit your needs, regardless of whether you are a professional weightlifter or a beginner training at home. Includes 20+ pre-built training programs and workout routines that will help you to achieve your fitness goals and stay healthy – 5×5, muscle splits, home workouts, fullbody, abs and glutes routines. Download GymKeeper and take your lifts to the next level.

Main Features
• 200+ built-in exercises with GIFs, 20+ workout programs and routines, create your own exercises, categories and workout plans in a few clicks
• The simplest user interface, extensive functionality and customization options to meet the needs of any type of gym-goers
• Plenty of options how to fill your workouts – copy exercises from another training day, add them from a custom routine, or use filters to choose exercises targeting specific muscle and requiring particular sports equipment in a couple of clicks
• Plan you workouts beforehand without any restrictions to pre-fill you future training sessions
• Sets are filled in automatically, adjust the autofill parameters to your needs
• Specify weights in any unit, use fitness band colors instead of weights
• Built-in programs include stronglifts 5×5, upper/lower body splits, home dumbbell workouts, body toning and fullbody routines, abs and glutes workouts for women
• Countdown timer, configurable tabata timer
• Track your progress and personal records for each exercise and muscle group, analyze statistics with insightful charts and calendar history
• Calculate barbell plates, 1 rep max and body parameters – body mass index (BMI), training heartrate zones and recommended daily calories intake depending on your fitness goals
• Track body measurements, add custom ones
• Random motivational pictures to keep you going, create your own
• Integrated services – Google Fit sync and automatic Google Drive backups
• AMOLED Black theme to save battery life
• Keep an unlimited number of diaries – useful for personal trainers
• No registration, start using GymKeeper right away!

What Our Users Are Saying
• “This app is absolutely brilliant. It’s a very simple no fuss gym tracker. It has all these small features that I keep discovering that keeps me thinking how well it’s built. The main features I am extremely thankful for are the “View last time” feature per exercise that you can go back in the history quickly and the small little “Easy, med and hard” color tags you can tag each set with. There are a bunch of others that the dev did right, thanks so much. I can see there’s a lot of thought that went into this and it wasn’t just built to build an app! Well done!” – Bernhard Smuts
• “This app is phenomenal. The design descions and features are all super intuitive and cater to weightlifting perfectly. One of my favourite things is the way the app handles adding exercises and sets. You can add sets from a preset workout or one by one, and adding custom exercises is a breeze. Every time you add an exercise it prepopulates the sets from your last exercise and there is a quick look button that shows how heavy you went last time you did the exercise. I cannot recommend it enough.” – Sam Mete
• “I was about to lose my mind trying to find an intuitive, straightforward app to track my workouts. I finally stopped the search with this app. It didn’t take long to add previous workouts, and it’s so convenient for logging new workouts as well.” – Tara Gordon

Contact us
We will be happy to hear your questions and feature suggestions on [email protected]

What's new

+ added set comments
+ ability to swap sets (long press + drag)
+ warm-up sets are no longer counted in statistics
+ new autofill option
+ bug fixes, UI improvements


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