How to Download

23 Nov, 2016 apkmb 8 Comments

How to Download

How to Download from APKMB?

In Cases to the Many Visitor Who Don’t Understand How to Download or Get APK in APKMB, We Will Explain it, See Screenshots Below

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For Your Info We Don’t Host Any APK File on the Site but We Use Third Party Hosting. Like,,, and More

And Now Here is “How to Download” File From APKMB 🙂

1. How to Download From (Recommended)

  1. Untick “Download with Addons” from 1st page.
  2. Click on “Download
  3. You will be taken to 2nd page
  4. Click on “Download” from 2nd page
  5. your files should start downloading.

Follow the below instructions (GIF)


2. How to Download From Dropapk

  1. Click link on post.
  2. Click on “Free Download”

  • Then click “Download File

  • Now click “Download to your mobile

3. How to Download from Racaty

  1. Click link on the post.
  2. Then click download. It’s so easy

4. How to Download From Dailyuploads

  1. Click link on the post.
  2. Uncheck “Download with Addons” or something similar. then click ‘Download’

Now click the blue Download banner

5. How to Download From DoUpload

  • Click link on the post.
  • Uncheck “Download with Addons” or something similar. then click “Create Download Link”

Now click the Green “Download Now” banner

Or Watch This Tutorial Video: 

Still couldn’t figure it out ? Contact us anytime.

8 comments on "How to Download"

  1. Jim erickson says:

    Please send me a download link of the cm LANCHER 3d pro for my iPad 16 G

  2. Rafay says:


    i need SMS Reader (Read it for me) apk without add kindly help me for this app

  3. Cynthia says:

    Apps download and install but I don’t see the apps

  4. Blackshad says:

    Why my download apk is not working when i install it it doesn’t see pic

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