InternetGuard MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

InternetGuard Mod APK - You can individually allow or deny access to specific apps and URLs to your Wi-Fi network or mobile data.
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Released onDec 21, 2017
UpdatedAug 28, 2023
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Premium Unlocked


InternetGuard Mod APK – You can individually allow or deny access to specific apps and URLs to your Wi-Fi network or mobile data.

InternetGuard MOD APK

Potential threats become active when your mobile device connects to the Internet. Malicious information such as malware, viruses, and other forms of intrusion abounds on the Internet. How can I protect my device and the data stored on it? If you want to limit the websites your child can visit on their phone or tablet, all you have to do is find the right app. And InternetGuard is the name of choice right now.

With this application, you will get many advantages

InternetGuard is an application that controls who has access to wireless networks and mobile data connections. This allows you to better manage the security of your device and data. Restricting Internet access on mobile devices provides many benefits, including data security and user privacy. It also helps minimize data usage, making it faster and lighter.

In addition to saving battery life on your mobile device, limiting usage in this area allows you to track how many tabs you have open at a given time (background music in the form of ambient music). When you visit potentially dangerous websites, InternetGuard will warn you and restrict access to websites that contain sensitive information. You have complete control over how many websites you see, how many networks you connect to, and whether they’re secure.

Personalized Settings for Websites and Apps

Since the main purpose of InternetGuard is to prevent users from accessing the Internet, the application has been designed to be as simple as possible. It’s small, but the impact can be huge, especially if you use the internet frequently and heavily.

First, InternetGuard builds a firewall to protect your device. Of course, this firewall is very flexible to suit your needs, with options such as allowing access only when the screen is on, restricting internet access on the go, and blocking apps. background activity. Various customization options let you configure your device the way you want it. InternetGuard is constantly updated so it can detect and block new programs and URLs uploaded to your device and the Internet. As the web and app ecosystem improves, you don’t have to worry about your app becoming obsolete.

Safety is always our top priority

Many people have this question. InternetGuard protects your privacy and security while surfing the Internet. The application designer further ensures that no user information is recorded or retained in any way. You can optionally log all inbound and outbound traffic, filter web traffic and export her PCAP files for traffic analysis in order to make better decisions about how you use the application. InternetGuard supports IPv4 and IPv6, TCP and UDP protocols, and multiple devices simultaneously. You can choose from light and dark themes and three separate color themes to make your app more beautiful and easier to read. InternetGuard is superior to any other firewall application due to its features.

INTERNETGUARD firewall construction system

InternetGuard can set up a secure firewall on your device by installing a VPN app. InternetGuard gets all the credit because your application’s inbound and outbound traffic is routed through your VPN. Important information about InternetGuard:
The VPN interface serves as the foundation for applications and is the only way to install a firewall on non-rooted devices. It acts as an intermediary between the server and regular client programs. To use InternetGuard, a VPN service must be installed and running on your computer. InternetGuard’s new data usage tool allows users to see how much data each application has used. This requires a more aggressive way of determining whether a particular application has internet access.



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