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Have you ever wondered if a device in your home or work network has failed silently? Do you wish there was an easy and efficient way to monitor Internet Things, devices and applications at work and at home and get an alert if something bad happens? Has it ever happened that you discovered a failed device or application on your work or home network right when it was badly needed? Servers and security cameras and routers and NAS and streaming devices and applications and websites fail all the time. You need to be alerted when that happens. In short if you have felt the need for a simple IP/TCP/HTTP monitoring application and dashboard on a mobile device/tablet (your primary device or a spare) OR just want to support the development of IPv6 and More, the PRO app is for you.
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DeveloperRahul Sen
UpdatedSeptember 3, 2019
Requirements5.0 and up
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With ‘IPv6 and More (PRO)’ you enjoy ALL the features of the highly-rated free app (v6 and v4 network scanning, recursive whois, ping, traceroute, TCP/UDP/HTTP probing, dig/nslookup for many record types, IPv6/v4 address enumeration and examination, IPv6 address reference, IPv6 private address generation, latest tech/IPv6 news and much more) PLUS you also get:
-Configurable dashboard of all targets that you want to probe.
-On demand Cloud Syncing of Targets between multiple devices.
-Customizable Failure Notification and Logging
-Configuration And Customization Of Unlimited Targets On Unlimited Networks. You Pick Which Target Is Probed On Which Network.
-Turns Your Smartphone/Tablet Into Fully Customizable IP/TCP/HTTP Monitoring Station With Intuitive Color Coded Dashboard
-100 Item Autocomplete History To Save On Typing
-Even More Features Are Added Constantly!

Thanks For Supporting The Development Of IPv6 and More.

What's new

Bunch of bugfixes and Enhancements. More coming


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