Manok Na Pula MOD APK (Unlimited Coins, Dragons Eyes, Powder) 7.0

Manok Na Pula MOD APK (Unlimited Coins, Dragons Eyes, Powder)

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Sep 21, 2023
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Manok Na Pula Mod APK is a game that takes inspiration from fights between chickens in a ring. The chickens, who come in different shapes, skills, and strengths, will compete in a game where they fight to win for themselves.

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Manok Na Pula is a game that can make players feel very strong emotions. If you really like chicken battles, then this game is made just for you to download and add to your collection. In this game, players can join tough battles between chickens that are really good at fighting.

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Exciting action gameplay

The way a game is played is always very important in giving players the best experience with the game. The creators of this game have done a lot of research to make sure they can give their players the best product. This game is called Manok Na Pula, and it has really exciting and fun action gameplay that has been blended together really well.

Players will feel very interested and drawn to special situations when they start playing this game. In your game, you will be drawn to the exciting chicken battles that are carefully planned. Additionally, the player will find it very easy to control and play the game.


To make the game more exciting, the creators have added a special challenge system. With this challenge system, players can experience the difficulty of Manok Na Pula and improve their skills while playing. A game with a good challenge system will give players a fun and exciting experience.

In your game, you will encounter various enemies who have special abilities and strengths. Each chicken has a different appearance, which makes it harder or easier to defeat depending on your skills. The challenge system will organize the levels based on their rating, from low to high. This will help you choose which level to participate in. So, you have to keep practicing all the time in order to get better at your skills and not lose in future matches.

Different types of chicken characters

The character system was carefully designed to offer players a wide variety of options. The character is like a car for the player to control and use to show their feelings in the game. Manok Na Pula has done a lot of research and made many sketches to create a diverse character system for his players.

When you enter the game, you can pick unique chicken warriors to play as. Moreover, you can select your fighters by using the rewards you earn from your previous wins. If you constantly make your chicken character stronger, you will greatly improve your chances of winning.

Different maps used for battles.

And one of the last things the game wants to give its users is the background for what they do. To make your theme work well, you must make a different setting for each game you play. But, since this is a game about fighting, the basic meaning of Manok Na Pula will change as the game gets closer to being finished.

Players will start fighting in a pre-prepared arena with weapons and equipment from the very first battle. Your task will be to fight in different rounds so you can make yourself better. After you finish certain stages, you can choose from different fighting arenas for your next battle. Improve your skills, personality, and expertise to get prizes as you move forward in the game.

What's new

*Fix CRASH on Android 12 & 13 devices
Added Manok na Akatchuki
Added Manok na LATOLATO
Added Manok na Labandera
Added Manok na Hari


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