Manor Cafe MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.184.44

Manor Cafe MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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May 7, 2018
Mar 25, 2024
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Unlimited Money

Note: Using this MOD with enabled internet, you can be banned!


The Manor Cafe Mod APK is a meeting place for delicious food and charming people. Combine pieces and solve puzzles to create the restaurant, house, or garden of your dreams!

Manor Cafe MOD APK


Manor Cafe is a relaxing journey where players can rebuild their cafe shop with limitless creativity. Many gameplay features and functions are continuously expanded to keep them entertained and even provide the most peaceful and immersive decoration moments. In addition, the game has a complex and emotional plot. , suitable for players to experience a fascinating life between work and love.

Manor Cafe Game Features

Let’s start rebuilding a beautiful coffee house

The main part of the entire gameplay of Manor Cafe is to create the conditions under which the player can renovate or rebuild the cafe. The recovery process is complex and tedious, but there are lots of possibilities and entertainment for players to gradually create paradise in their favorite creations. In addition, their journey includes many different areas with different designs and functions to diversify the chain of cafes.


If players want to redecorate room pieces and items, they need special stars for match-3 puzzle challenges. Luckily, the match-3 mechanics are also friendly and straightforward, with plenty of creative elements to spice up the player’s experience while relaxing and finding the most effective ways. The more match-3 challenges a player completes, the faster they can progress in rebuilding the mansion.

Unique Interactions with Furniture

Every piece of furniture in each room or lobby has many engaging interactions that stimulate the player’s gaming experience. The Manor Cafe comes with a variety of interior types to give players more manor design ideas and more unique patterns to refresh the atmosphere of each area. Conveniently, players can easily change future designs and use all resources effectively.

Random Mini-Games with Generous Prizes

When managing or overseeing a business, random problems can occur around players. These are simple yet creative challenges to entertain players and introduce more interesting mechanics to match-3 puzzles. The most common challenge is getting players to pick the right items to handle the situation, stabilize the atmosphere, and keep the business going.

Dramatic Storyline

More than just running a cafe, Manor Cafe offers players a dramatic and romantic storyline that immerses them in many memorable moments. Because of this, the interaction between the player and all supporting characters is lively, randomly triggering their dialogue that helps the plot progress. Depending on the level of the player’s performance, the character will constantly change and the situation will always bring many surprises.

Extensive Content to Discover

All content in the game is designed with depth and potential in many ways for players to explore and enjoy. This also includes variations on match-3 puzzles, new areas to rebuild, story changes, and many other common gameplay elements. However, the player’s journey is never-ending, always discovering many new things to thoroughly enjoy.


  • Swap and match things to complete the match-3 levels that have been specifically developed for you!
  • Decorate the restaurant with fantastic designs to demonstrate your creative abilities.
  • Investigate the mystery and become a participant in a fascinating drama with a diverse cast of people!
  • Discover delicious cuisine and discover new cooking techniques!
  • Manor Cafe is a game that may be played without an internet connection!
  • All of this exciting and entertaining trip is completely free!


Manor Cafe promises players the most unique and exciting experience in this fun puzzle and decoration genre. It also has endless possibilities for players to tap into, creating the most peaceful and prosperous life after dealing with all the complexities around them.

What's new

Update now and access thrilling new features!
• NEW SPECIAL LEVEL: ONE STRIKE LEVEL! You only have one chance to beat this exclusive level and earn bountiful rewards!
• NEW TASKS! Download and continue the story where you left off!
• NEW LEVELS! Fun and challenging 50 new levels are waiting for you!



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