Merge Dragons MOD APK (Free Shopping) 11.0.0

Merge Dragons MOD APK (Free Shopping)

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Jul 26, 2017
Feb 6, 2024
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Buy everything for Coins and Gems, even when not enough or quantity 0!


Merge Dragons MOD APK is a combination of dragon’s popular and entertaining games in the style of puzzle games from Gram Games Limited game development studio for Android.

Merge Dragons mod apk

In a mystical world hidden among the clouds, the vale of Dragonia flourished. Then evil Zomblins cast a void across the vale. The only hope to heal the land rests in YOUR magical power to MATCH ANYTHING – dragon eggs, trees, treasures, stars, magical flowers, and even mythical creatures.


Merge Dragons! A unique garden design with a tree and some broken items left behind. Beneath the clouds lies the story of the fall of a magical tribe. Encounter intense battles with hordes of disgusting zombies. They wreak havoc here and leave behind the wreckage. Match items in matches of 3 to rebuild that wealth. The new version supports more exotic dragons hatched from eggs!


With a collection of over 500 different items, Merge Dragons allows players to find, own and combine shards. Gives you more time to play! Every challenge in a round puts you in a difficult situation. However, you can freely move the blocks around to create some very magical combinations. Upgrade your environment to new levels and use it for different purposes.

To meet the Essence of Life, tap the shell to release the energy and everything it contains. Each level has a mysterious Gaia statue with other special stories. Face 900 missions and challenge yourself in this series of activities. Schedule a quiz and discover your hidden quickness. Unlimited items, unlimited objects, combine them to create cool stuff! More items to find, and more things to do.


It would be nice if Merge Dragons showed my magic camp. Start building your first fortress under the clouds based on your accumulated capital and related items. Watch out for the huge fog that blocks your view. Fight against evil forces trying to stop the resurrection of this dead land. Use your skills to unleash a magical empire and build a dragon’s home!

Here, in addition to the remaining debris, there are some oddly patterned eggs. Match them, hatch them in the lab and bring home the cutest dragons. They will get a house from you and build Dragon Island. Return the favor by driving out those who want to destroy your kingdom. In addition, many dragon apparitions also used their powers to remove the fog. With over 37 species and hundreds of variations, dragons are ubiquitous and help humans harvest and fight.


You can experience the fun of Merge Dragons more fully by completing the steps of syncing with external accounts. Let’s do meaningful activities in this land and heal Tatsushima! Make friends after visiting new locations and learn valuable lessons from their strategies.


Merge Dragons always welcome you to the Forgotten Lands and rebuild together from the ruins. There are hands-on activities to recreate dragon breeds by hatching eggs. Give the dragon a roof and create Dragon Island with the participation of the most members. Start the quest you received in your mailbox and beat the hard-level system. It’s great that you can leave a rating and comment below after each experience!


Merge Dragons MOD APK is an unusual and colorful puzzle game with farm elements, the plot of which unfolds in a kind of fairyland inhabited by dragons. But the once-thriving kingdom was overrun by insidious zombies, leaving Draconia empty. Only you can restore harmony to the game world. A perfectly conveyed fairy-tale atmosphere, interesting characters, colorful graphics, and gameplay that combines several game mechanics at once give this project a special charm.

What's new

The dragons successfully unfolded the Dragami region and are now taking off to go and heal the lands of the Corrupted Forest! Jump into 12 BRAND NEW levels to unfold the mysteries of the land and uncover its secrets.



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