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App will find all hosts in your home network or in selected IP range. It can be used not only to know who are using your WiFi and learn more about every device, but also for professional tasks: dynamically port scanning and ability to filter hosts by opened ports allows to find a server of needed service in selected network. IP scanner supports 4 modes for scan - arp read, icmp ping, udp ping, dns request. Also you can select used dns server manually to scan your private networks. This is only little part of abilities of this network scanner.
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DeveloperFirst Row
Released onMar 1, 2015
UpdatedMay 2, 2024
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  • Premium features unlocked
  • Debug Info Removed


Network Scanner displays the IP and MAC addresses, the names of the hosts on the your local network. Also there is a built-in port scanner (tcp) and small auxiliary tools.


The Network Scanner app helps you find all the servers in your home network or within a certain range of IP addresses really fast. Have you ever had slow internet at home and worried someone might be using it without your permission. You can fix these problems with Network Scanner’s professional features and tasks. This app will make it easier for people to find the MAC address on their phone instead of having to go to the router, which can take a long time. The app can tell you which gadgets are linked to your network.

The application can search for people outside and can also scan ports and sort servers by open ports. This tool makes it easy for users to find the server they need for a specific service in the network they have chosen within the app. This app has an IP scanner that can do four types of scans: arp read, ICMP ping, UDP ping, and DNS request. You can choose which DNS server to use with the app to scan private networks more carefully. Users can use different features to manage and make sure their power works as well as possible.

Network Scanner Key features:

  • Check hosts over a range of possible addresses in the network.
  • Function Vendor by mac lookup displays network equipment manufacturer.
  • Getting IP, MAC addresses and host names can be copied to the clipboard.
  • You Can specify a range of port numbers, scanned port scanner.
  • Port scanner recognizes all registered services.
  • Smart scanning function of the scanner port (scan only registered ports).

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