Numia Astrology and Horoscope Mod Apk (Unlocked)

Every year our life becomes more and more unpredictable. We have done everything to help our users and make their lives easier, more exciting and better. Our apps are your personal refuge from any adversity and the best stargazer on the way to your goals.
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DeveloperNumia LTD
Released onFeb 4, 2015
UpdatedMar 14, 2024
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Numia Astrology and Horoscope is the best app about numerology, biorhythms, and horoscopes. Over one million installs, a vast amount of content, and constant updates.

Our life becomes more and more unpredictable every year! But we have done everything to help you make your life easier, more exciting, and better. Our application will become your personal refuge from any hardships and the best stargazer on the way to your goals.

By downloading our free app, you will get free of charge:

1. Personalized classic horoscope for a day/week/month/year. The horoscope is compiled considering all your unique characteristics: zodiac sign, natal chart, planetary position, and so on.
2. Alternative horoscope. A huge database of various horoscopes will help you find completely all the information you are interested in. You can use the following alternative horoscopes: Zodiac horoscope, Chinese horoscope, Slavic horoscope, Turk horoscope, Viking horoscope, Japanese horoscope, Mayan horoscope, Greek horoscope, Druids horoscope, Flower horoscope, Indian horoscope, Zoroastrian horoscope, Indean horoscope.
3. Zodiac signs’ compatibility (according to zodiac, date, biorhythms, friendly + celebrities). Pull back the curtain on your compatibility with your soul mate, friend, or acquaintance. The compatibility calculation is based on all your profile data and gives the most accurate assessment, taking into account the most important characteristics of your personality; a quick comparison of charts of two partners in biorhythms.
4. Numerology. In our daily application, you can also find out personal day number, name number, birthday number, fate number, personality number, soul number, Pythagoras matrix, Alexandrov matrix, and much more.
5. Magic ball. Visit the app every day and learn what the fate magic ball has prepared for you.
6. The lunar horoscope determines the reader’s emotional state; an opportunity to get into the stellar astrological community.
7. Chiromancy for free based on chiromancy (hand scanning based on a neural network), the application analyzes the hand lines and gives a complete description of the personality.

Our daily application also includes the following functions:
* Possibility to select the European and Eastern calendar.
* You can add an avatar to each name.
* Ranking of cards in the list of users by long clicking on the card.
* The database contains over 2800 different names.
* Widget with personal day number.
* Customizable biorhythm notifications.

Premium subscription.

When subscribing to our app, you will see all the functionality developed by many specialists:

1. Personal birth chart made by professionals specifically for our project’s users.
2. Biorhythms. Building a biorhythm chart based on your profile.
3. Lunar calendar. Lunar day (moon phase) with a description of each day, calendar of lunar days.
4. Calendars of beauty, garden, health, love, home, business.
5. Dream book. A huge database of dream interpretation in your phone.
6. Absolutely no ads.

Your destiny depends on you! All our content is dedicated to the real science of stars, their understanding, and their interpretation! Use our application and see for yourself that you can easily use it for your own happiness!
The app is constantly updated. We consider each feedback and any useful criticism or hints to make the app better.

If you have any questions or ideas on how to improve our app, feel free to contact us via [email protected]

What's new

- Fixed some bugs
- Improved app performance
- Added new content
- Improved design



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