Order Of Fate MOD APK (Free Purchase/Weak Enemy) 1.35.2

Order of Fate MOD APK (Free Purchase/Weak Enemy)

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Aug 11, 2023
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✶ Enemies do not damage you
✶ Free purchases of gold for diamonds


Order of Fate is an exciting and entertaining fighting game. Players face off against opponents in-game mercilessly. We have everything you need to win easier and faster. Many intricately designed characters and beautiful environments combine to create an incredibly engaging experience.

Order of Fate Mod

Packed with various military weapons

When playing Order of Fate, the ball is equipped with many weapons, each with its pattern and color. The game not only has a large number of weapons, but also a wide range of prizes. Each objective can be completed faster with certain skills that are only available through the use of certain weapons. Completing a level or defeating a monster rewards you with a unique item. These items are very useful for leveling up. Additionally, various health supplies such as blood, potions, and other medicines are available to help keep you strong in the fight against these vicious enemies.

Create a unique image of your character.

In this game, we will see different heroes his character who can choose the most natural path. Each character has its skills and strengths. Choose your ideal character based on your playstyle and shooting skills, and grow stronger over time. The game creates evil monsters to protect valuable items and benevolent characters. This increases the difficulty of the game and motivates players to keep playing. As more and more evil monsters emerged, the conflict sparked even more violent and brutal encounters.

Improve your level and combat ability

Players must constantly improve their fighting skills and choose characters with suitable fighting abilities. Each battle offers different experiences that you can use to improve your skills and grow your character. Your ability to fight and use your weapons effectively determines whether you win a battle or not. Players must develop strategies and games to assert themselves and compete for the rewards Order of Fate offers. The game becomes more and more difficult as you progress through the levels, so you should focus primarily on improving your skills and choosing the best strategy for the situation at hand.

Massacres continued everywhere.

There are numerous encounters between heroes and monsters, each presenting its challenges. Due to the monster’s power and ferocity, you’ll need a solid strategy to destroy it quickly. Combat takes place in very visually appealing locations. The game’s graphics grabbed the viewer’s attention and the sound was very vivid. The surrounding area was also meticulously planned. Players are caught up in a battle they cannot escape. This is a place where you can live the life of a hero and celebrate his achievements.

Earn Wish Rewards

Your hard work will yield some important benefits. Captured loot is also very useful in later conflicts. Additionally, the player can participate in his Order of Fate’s fascinating adventures. You and your allies will fight and work together to achieve high ranks.

What's new


You've been waiting, and we've done it!


- We have rebuilt floors 41-50 in the Frost Grotto! We are happy to inform you that the Master of the Order has fixed everything and those who faced the problem can continue playing.

- Rearranged the hints on the floors! Clicking on the exits will now show a hint about the action you need to take to open the passage.
Have fun on your adventure!


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