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QESS pro is a spread sheet focusing on effective and easy entry by using an editable keypad (virtual keyboard). There is a free app 'QESS free' which has the same functions but includes ads.
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Yoshiaki Watanabe
October 4, 2021
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QESS pro is a spread sheet focusing on effective and easy entry by using an editable keypad (virtual keyboard). There is a free app ‘QESS free’ which has the same functions but includes ads.

* Can assign cell movement and text entry to one key touch.
* Can edit the layout and action for the keypad.
* Can work without the network connection and permission requests (permissions of camera and mic are requested at needed).
* Can control the key action by using command sequence or JavaScript.
* Can read and write xls, xlsx, CSV, and txt.
* Can interpret Excel formula and arithmetic expressions.
* Can acquire a text by using QR code and voice recognition.
* Can send and receive the text with ‘Share’ function.
* Can speak out the text.
* Can set media (Image, Video, Audio) into the cell. The function is realized as the reference of the media file. No compatibility with Excel.
* Can set the hand-write image into a cell.
* Can draw line chart, stacked bar chart, group bar chart, pie chart, scatter chart, radar chart, bubble chart, and candlestick chart.
* Can execute SQL Query on a specified range.
* Can split/trim a large spreadsheet file into small files.
* Can export data files to the external storage area and can import from the storage area.
* Can search/replace text indicating simple text or regular expression pattern.
* Can sort rows ascending/descending order of an indicating key column.
* Can freeze pains for up-side rows and left-side columns.

The spreadsheet application is frequently used to fill fixed items with typical values repeatedly.

We developed this application for the purpose of such a use.

For example, it is useful for the attendance checklist, evaluation checklist, goods management list, event management list, game score list, counting (passing traffic, the attendance, the bird watching), questionnaire input (answers for plural items), cashbook (the record of the amount of money, its purpose and the date), action log.

Various samples are included: Counter, Checking, Scoring, Questionnaire, Calculator with logging, PRN calculator, Voice input, Speak out, QR code input/output, and others.

1. The keypad layout and input character sequence can be modified freely.

2. One key touch can be assigned to the entry of plural characters, the jump between cells, calculation of the cell value, and others. The action can be controlled with JavaScript.

3. Supported file formats are xls, xlsx, CSV, tsv, and txt. A reading text (CSV, tsv, txt), the character encoding can be detected automatically or can be selected manually. Data file is compatible to Excel and other spreadsheets.

4. It can execute the Excel formula. It also has a parser of arithmetic expressions.

5. It can copy/paste the cell and cell range. It can send and receive the text by using ‘Share’ function. Therefore, the user can choose various input methods and applications
such as OCR (optical character recognition).

6. It can hide/unhide/delete/insert columns and rows. It can freeze up/left side cells.

7. It reflects Excel settings about font color and fill color. But it does not reflect Excel settings about grid line, width, height, cell merge, chart, image, and others.

8. It has functions for QRcode/barcode input, voice recognition input, and exchanging data with other applications by using file, clipboard, share function, and QRcode. For these functions, it requests permission of the camera. If functions are not required, the request can be denied.

9. It can speak out the text in the cell or the cell range by using the ‘Text to speech (TTS)’ function.

10. It includes sample layout files that can be used in various situations and can be edited freely.

11. The Help document exists in the following page.

What's new

Version 2.11.3 Fixed small bugs. Modified the treatment of thumbnail images.


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