Remove It – Object Remover MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Introducing Remove It, a super easy & time-saving AI magic eraser that lets you remove objects from photos to make them effortlessly clean. Say goodbye to photo bombers, unwanted watermarks, objects, logos, text and enjoy picture-perfect photos every time.
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Released onJul 22, 2022
UpdatedMar 15, 2024
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Premium Features Unlocked


Transform your photos with Remove It – Object Remover! Our advanced AI technology makes it easy to remove unwanted objects in just one tap. Whether it’s a power line in the background, a passerby in the foreground, or anything else, our app can seamlessly blend the surrounding area for a natural look. Get ready to share stunning, flawless images on social media with our app.

Remove It - Object Remover MOD APK

With its perfect features, users can remove unwanted objects that spoil the beauty of photos by just doing a few simple operations. In addition, users can harmonize their surroundings without leaving traces. So after deleting photos, the deleted location will remain. The application’s interface is eye-catching and attractive, with different layouts and designs.

Remove extra items in the easiest possible way

Remove extra elements in the photo that cause landscape loss. It is the passion of those involved in image editing. You can remove people from your photos that you don’t like or who aren’t in your lens. As a result, you can get more satisfying and beautiful photos. You can also erase extra objects or unwanted elements that appear unexpectedly in your photos. AI-powered tools quickly remove duplicate and unwanted objects. This will improve the perspective of the photo and emphasize the main character. As a result, the viewer is not distracted by unnecessary things. In addition, the application allows you to remove blurry images and objects from your snapshots, resulting in more perfect and eye-catching photos.

Support for removing unnecessary text

This app not only removes superfluous items but also helps fill in the gaps. You can also remove text that detracts from the beauty of your photos. Delete Lets you remove unwanted text, annotations, and text from your photos. For wire-cut photos or photos with insufficient lines, the application can also handle them with notes using support tools. emphasized.

Easy to use and suitable for everyone

In either case, the application allows object deletion. Anyone can easily use the app without participation restrictions or age restrictions. By following Remove Its step-by-step instructions, you can remove photos expertly and easily. In addition, this application installs supporting tools and utilities that will help you with your photo editing. The user simply selects the item to be deleted and clicks the Delete button. The application will remove them without leaving any trace. To balance and harmonize the image after deletion, the user needs to seamlessly blend the image composition in the relevant areas. Make your photos more beautiful.

Please share your photo

You can not only fix and apply photo obstacles but also share them with others. It is up to you to back up and share deleted photos and you can save them with different names and cache. This will make your photos easier to find. The application can also connect to various social networks so you can share your photos quickly and easily. The application offers a beautiful interface with an eye-catching design and great features to edit photos easily. Users can enjoy an attractive and responsive photo-erasing area. This makes it easy to remove unwanted objects from your image.

Key Features

-Accurate and Precise Object Selection
-Deselect areas that were mistakenly highlighted
-Modify the thickness of the Selection
-Undo/Redo Actions
-Before & After Previews
-Seamless Removal of objects
-Get the Pro version for an Ad free experience


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