Rock Identifier: Stone ID MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Simply take a photo (or upload) of rock and Rock Identifier will tell you all about it in seconds. Explore your geological surroundings, learn about different rocks, and engage with the natural world with Rock Identifier!
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DeveloperNext Vision Limited
Released onMar 10, 2021
UpdatedNov 10, 2023
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Rock identification just got easier with the Rock Identifier app. Just take or upload a photo of your rock and Rock Identifier will help you identify it in seconds. Start exploring, learning, and mapping your geological environment with Rock Identifier!

Rock Identifier Stone ID MOD

Rock Identifier is a versatile and smart tool that helps anyone identify rocks quickly by simply scanning a camera and detailed information. The entire app is fully developed with the deep knowledge and research of many geologists to ease the mood of collecting rare gemstones. Also, many useful features simplify the research and collection process. Also, the included lexicon is valuable and well-founded.

Friendly and enhanced interface for smooth interaction

The first impression of Rock Identifier is a modern and sleek interface that allows users to study or learn about all types of rocks and solids on Earth. The overview layout neatly contains all the features and can be moved around on the screen to show its inherent sophistication and modernity. Of course, instead of using physical interaction to find things, users can use voice interaction to quickly access many built-in tools and features.

An encyclopedia with all the information about rocks

A special mineral encyclopedia has been integrated into the application, providing users with a lot of information about everything. The app regularly updates the book with new information and automatically personalizes all information in specific categories for easy searching. Of course, users don’t have to search by name, but they can use rock properties to get the desired results about the rock they want to know about.

Scan every rock you see for first-hand information

Along with an encyclopedia, Rock Identifier integrates intelligent and dexterous AI to help users scan and identify each rock. The user has to bring the stone closer to the camera and all relevant information including other details of the interaction is displayed. Such information allows people to better understand the structure, uses, and many other things that all geologists have accumulated during the research to synthesize the information.

Organize your skirt collection virtually via the library

The magic of this app is that anyone can save, copy and keep all the information about rocks and minerals that users scan. You can also manually name each image, content, etc. to help organize your information and keep everything running smoothly. The many tools provided will also help make content management more convenient. Users can add many things to their collection without touching minerals.

Explore the physical characteristics of everyone in your collection

Thanks to the precise association with the encyclopedia built into Rock Identifier, users can delve into all the physical information of minerals. In addition, the application only shows relevant results during scanning and the results are fully displayed only when scanning inside the mineral. The information also specifically states the origin or time of origin of the stone to provide the user with the most complete and complete knowledge of geology possible.

Check chemistry for safe use or use

If the user often collects a lot of chemical minerals, it is also beneficial to check the quality with the camera. Some minerals often have multiple uses as chemical constituents and the app will warn users if these are toxic. You can search for a processing method to make effective use of.


  • An advanced interface with modernity and smooth interaction for users to access everything or be informed with unique information about rocks.
  • An informative and expansive encyclopedia is built-in for users to check information about every rock or learn about geology quintessences.
  • Scan any rock to get the related information and their properties, whether physical or chemical, through the camera and learn more about rocks.
  • Organize the rock collection virtually and learn more fascinating information about the confirmed rocks with absolute accuracy and detail.
  • Check the pocket guides for helpful information and other functions about minerals, crystals, and rocks for more benefits and valuable discoveries.


Rock Identifier is one of the leading applications that help users find useful information about geology and rocks found at a particular location. In addition, the lexicons integrated into the system are also of high quality, ensuring that everyone has access to all useful and valuable information related to geology.


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