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The sequel to the famous Facebook smash hit with 40 million users
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Released onJul 22, 2014
UpdatedJul 15, 2024
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mod info

To get a lot of money:

  1. install the mod;
  2. do not include the infinite money item in the mod menu, go through the tutorial until the equipment is enchanted (if using the mod before that, then you will not be able to go further in the game);
  3. enchant an item;
  4. completely close the game;
  5. start the game and immediately include the item with infinite money in the menu mod;
  6. complete any battle;
  7. completely close the game and restart it;
  8. play without using menu mods.

If you do everything right – you will have saved progress, a lot of game currency and prices in the store, as in the original. If you need to get the same amount of money again, then repeat steps 4-8.

You will not be able to use features that require legally obtained currency!


Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK is an exciting combination of role-playing and combat games. This game has lots of realistic Martial Arts moves and scary weapons. Defeat your enemies, battle demons, and close the Gate of Shadows.

shadow fight 2 1

A very exciting fighting war is happening in Shadow Fight 2, and you should come and check it out. This place has a lot of tough people trying to take over your land and hurt you. When your life and reputation are in danger, you have to gather and prepare your forces using the best weapons available. They are your best chance to win this fight against just one opponent.

The plot of the story

Shadow, a strong fighter, didn’t follow his family’s rules and opened the Gates of Shadows. He understood he was wrong, but it was already too late. The bad spirits are set free, and darkness disappears. If Shadow wants to stop the darkness from coming through the Gates of Shadows, he has to beat all the demons and get their Demon Seals. Shadow meets a lot of friends who help him, but also meets enemies who want to fight him.

Shadow falls into something much scarier after he closes the Gates because his friend May is taken away. Shadow opens the Gates of Shadows and they are a door to another world. And now, Titan is getting ready to attack Shadow’s world with his very powerful cyborg alien army. Only Shadow can make him stop.

New image system includes new features

Shadow Fight 2 is popular because it has a good story and cool pictures. The game uses new animation technology to make the battlefield look very realistic. You feel like you are in a really cool action movie. It is this that keeps the player’s feet in place until the end.

Summer events are coming soon

The new update for Shadow Fight 2 brings a summer event for players to enjoy. They want a war to start between you and someone who wants to use the sun to destroy the world. That person wants to make this place a hot, sandy desert. When summer is over, get ready for the cool fall weather. But the sun stays and the world starts to cool down. Can you win against them and protect the world.

Special event adding to special collection

You can also own special coins. They are special because you need to do missions and win important events. You will get more money for bigger events, but there is also more risk. So, pick events that are right for the amount of weapons you have. Use the coin to buy cool things to add to your collection.

Get ready with all your gear before going into battle

Shadow Fight 2 gives you equipment that helps you a lot in tough fights. There are many powerful weapons like swords and nunchaku. It’s not just about attacking enemies, but also defending yourself from their attacks. As a result, special armor sets were created and worn by heroes in battles.

Your best move comes at the end when you show off your amazing martial arts skills. With great magical power, many monsters and ghosts were defeated and disappeared without leaving a trace on the ground. This looks like making a sci-fi movie at the same time as the sword fighting scenes, to make really exciting moments.

Go into the devil’s world deep down

Shadow Fight 2 is a game where you go on a journey through different worlds in the underworld. You are now in 6 worlds with lots of demons in this war game. You will find and solve everything to battle the scary boss with your friends in the dark. During the journey, you will get more new weapons, make new friends, and get more hurt. It’s an exciting and action-packed game with a cool story.


  • Immerse yourself in spectacular battle moments, which are portrayed in amazingly realistic realism by an entirely new animation technique.
  • Using a brand-new combat interface created just for touchscreen devices, you may wreak havoc on your adversaries with deliciously straightforward controls.
  • Ascend to the “Underworld” and team up with your pals to take on scary monsters!
  • In this action-packed, adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with a rich and interesting plot, you’ll travel through six distinct worlds full with scary demons and battle your way through them.
  • Customize your fighter’s weapons and abilities with legendary swords, nunchacku, armor sets, magical powers, and other items from the store.

What's new

*An old Native American folk tale comes to life before your very eyes: a vicious giant who was once defeated by courageous warriors has found a way to resurrect himself using the spirits of the night. A horde of monsters is already gathering at his grave, and only you have what it takes to stop them! Become the tribe's latest legend!
*A new event to celebrate Independence Day!
*Bug fixes



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