Music Player LMZa APK (Patched/Full) 3.3.0

Music Player LMZa APK (Patched/Full)


It is an offline music player application.
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LMZa Studio
Feb 17, 2023
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Simple & Lightweight Music Player LMZa It is an offline music player application.

· Play with easy one-hand operation
· Select by artist, album, genre Play
· Folder (directory) playback
· Make playlists
· Lightweight power-saving design ideal for background music playback
· Continuous playback, Shuffle continuous playback
· Digest play. Join a part of the songs naturally like discography.
· High-Resolution sound source support(*)
· Playback history.
· Bluetooth remote controller support.
· mp3, aac, Apple lossless, m4a, Ogg, aac, FLAC, mid, MDX, etc. (*)
* Depends on the file that the smartphone supports.
· MDX playback feature((ndroid5.0 or later)
details about MDX are here. (Japanese site)
※Powerd by GAMDX (C)GORRY.
【Intuitive selection of songs without setting required】
We emphasize simplicity and lightweight operability specialized for selecting and playing songs, eliminating visual functions such as artwork.
You can play songs of built-in storage and external store (SD card).

【Playback mode is optimum for background music】
Continuous playback, shuffle continuous playback, digest playback function to play songs from the middle for a fixed time.
In the digest, the songs are cut with a fade-in & fade-out, and it operates as an option of continuous performance and shuffles continuous performance.
With the performance that changes one after another from the middle of the song, you can enjoy music that has a feeling of tired every day differently from usual.

[Power saving design]
The display of artwork and an elaborate visual consumes a lot of important smartphone batteries. This application is not dealing with multimedia information other than music, on the premise of listening to the music in the background to the last, we are developing with the goal of power-saving and light operation.

【Remote control function】
Corresponds to the Bluetooth remote control, it is possible to adjust the volume, play / stop, next / previous song, fast forward / rewind (long press) with the remote control even while locking.
Optionally you can use the smartphone volume button for the next/previous song.

【Playback control while using other applications】
A semitransparent small floating controller is displayed on the screen and you can play/stop, next/previous song, fast forward / rewind.
You can display this application with the back button of the floating controller and quickly return to the original application with the Android back button. The controller can also move to any position.

【Interface that can be used with one hand】
It is designed to be operable with one hand from song selection to performance.
The buttons are arranged vertically at the left end and the song selection method (album, artist, genre, folder) is switched with tab swipe. (Tab name selection is also acceptable)

[Visualizer installed]
It is optimized to operate with power saving, but it can be turned OFF if battery consumption is anxious.

A long tap of the Visualizer display, to change the appearance.

Equipped with 5 band equalizer (It depends on model)
Select from preset, custom setting is possible.

【Color full customize】
You can change all colors by the editor.
Long tap the top of the panel to select coloring from the list.

【privacy policy】
This application uses the recording function for the implementation of the visualizer (a visual function that works according to music).

What's new

Dateil is here (sorry, japanese only. please use translator on the web browser.)



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