SSSnaker MOD APK (Unlimited Money, God Mod, High Damage)

A Snake X Bullet Hell roguelite shooter that no one's ever seen!
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UpdatedMay 28, 2023
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Mod Info

  1. Developer Tool
  2. Debug Feature
  3. Custom Snake Level and Star
  4. Custom Aritfact Level
  5. No item No Currency can use
  6. No internet can play
  7. Skip Guide


SSSnaker MOD APK is a fun computer game that mixes up a game about snakes and a game about shooting lots of bullets. It also has parts where your progress is saved even if you lose. This game has a fun adventure where you control a snake and fight in special ways. You also get stronger as you play.


A snake that moves smoothly and attacks in a special way in a special place.

SSSnaker is a game where you control a snake and must be strategic to succeed. There are special moves you can use to attack in different areas. The game is smooth and easy to play. The snake moves very quickly and can help players avoid being hit by bullets or obstacles in the game.

Skill of a rogue game and collision of a snake head are combined in this feature.

As players keep playing, they can learn new skills that will help them do better in the game. The snakehead collision makes the game more strategic by making players avoid touching things or enemies to stay alive.

Lots of scary creatures and exciting elements in video games.

SSSnaker is a game that is very difficult and will test even the most experienced players. Adding teleporters and traps makes the game more challenging and interesting, keeping players engaged for a long time.

A colorful and chaotic shooting game.

The game is difficult because there are many bullets coming at the player, but it feels good when you win. The bullets look different and have pretty colors and patterns, making the game look cool.

Grow really, really big.

Gamers can make their snake very big and use a strong attack to beat opponents easily. When players make their snake grow really big and attack strongly, it feels really good. This makes them want to play the game more.

What's new

Welcome to Holy Season!
- Newly added Holy Arena
- Newly added Artifact feature
- Newly added Holy Skills
- Holy Pass
- New Holy snakes
- 5 new chapters


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