Penguin Isle MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money) 1.60.1

Penguin Isle MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money)

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Jun 3, 2023
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2. Unlimited Money


Raise your Penguin Isle. Collect a variety of penguins by creating each their own habitat. Cute and adorable penguins are waiting for you. Enjoy the waves with relaxing music.

Penguin Isle MOD APK


Penguin Isle is a lovely and functional penguin-only ice town building sim. Its content is always unique and new, constantly offering players many new surprises and impressive changes in elements of urban development…and that’s not all. Many special elements such as the game’s interaction and graphics make it a dynamic new discovery for players to fully immerse themselves.

Penguin Isle Game Features

Build a strong foundation

Your ice kingdom on Penguin Island is a paradise for all penguins to start a new life. The great thing is that this game simulates many familiar human activities with penguins. B. Working, socializing, building houses, mining resources, and much more. However, there are endless opportunities for users to build a solid foundation for an entire kingdom.

Relaxing Music and Pleasant Visuals

The overall aim of the game is to immerse the player in the process of building the city in the most pleasant mood. Along with the humor on how to simulate the life of a penguin, the game offers players the most relaxing and exhilarating experience through image and sound quality. So players can always enjoy great and exciting music while experiencing the beauty of penguins through their interactions.


Penguin Isle town expansion is slow, but players can speed up and fast-forward to see all the action. However, the expansion of the island is entirely dependent on the player’s progress, and several objectives must be completed in order for new icebergs to gather in the capital. These icebergs expand your territory and provide players with new types of resources to mine or produce.

Use Penguin Powers

Interestingly, all penguins in the game are honest residents and can work continuously for a decent salary. It’s also a headache for players to balance salaries and activities in order to get the best job performance in city development. Plus, Penguin’s personnel management mechanics are fun and effective, and the entire Ice Kingdom is vibrant and thriving.

Create Favorable Environments

In addition to urban development, Penguin Island also allows players to build suitable habitats for all penguins. This includes building and providing efficient facilities for all residents to improve life on this vast ice island. Additionally, players can design environments in real-time with different themes, bringing a sense of familiarity and fun to all penguins.

Enjoy Everything Passively

The game also applies an idle mechanism to help you relax and focus on the game and other content in your life. The entire city continues to work while the player is away, generating income over time and good opportunities to develop things in the city or expand more territory. Players can also customize every feature of the city to improve everything in their power to improve the penguin’s quality of life.


Penguin Isle offers players a relaxing and immersive experience while taking care of a thriving town with adorable penguins. Best of all, they are able to design ice towns with cultural diversity and humorous references to the human world in general.

What's new

Passionate June, Retro Comeback. Let's follow the penguin back to the vintage era and enjoy the retro vibe amidst the summer heat!

▶ New Contents:

1. Classic Fever Event: Complete daily missions and exchange Hair Brushes for event-limited rewards!
2. 2022 Garden Throwback Event
3. Event Chest opening for a limited time



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