Swipetimes Time Tracker MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)
The best time tracker in the Play Store ™. Very versatile, yet simple and intuitive.
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DeveloperLeon Chiver
Released onDec 8, 2012
UpdatedDec 17, 2023
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Paid content unlocked | Drive works


Swipetimes Time Tracker is the best time tracker in the Play Store ™. Very versatile, yet simple and intuitive. Track, organize and analyze your working hours in no time at all. Keep an overview of your project times, overtime, holidays, sick, or home-office days.


Whether you’re an employee, freelancer, craftsman, or student, whether you spend your time in the office, on the road, or in the home office,
you will always have an overview of your project hours. This is the only work time tracker you’ll ever need.
The app doesn’t require any kind of account, it’s there to be used straight out of the box. Have fun!

Main features

• Everything necessary for time and attendance recording: target and actual time, time account, overtime, vacation, sick days, public holidays, timesheets, Excel, PDF, JSON, or XML exports.

• Automatic starting and stopping on workplace arrival or departure. By using your location, connected WiFi networks, or NFC you can record times without having to operate the app.

• Project rates & income calculations based on your working time.

• Invoice management and printing.

• Subsequent recording and processing in case you have forgotten something or need to correct it later.

• Project and task focus: times are recorded on projects. Projects can have budgets and hourly rates.

• Categorisation of time entries using tags/labels.

• Various statistics

• GPS-based recording of journeys.

• Daily/weekly backups to SD card, Google Drive or Dropbox.

• Google Calendar Integration

• Powerful Excel, CSV, PDF, JSON or XML exports

All cloud-based features (Google Drive, Google Calendar, Dropbox) are optional. They can be used, but do not have to be.

Have fun!

What's new

Income related bug fixes.
More timeline navigation features.

Bug fixes.
Small improvements.

Performance improvements.
Start page design improvements.

Improved date navigation in timeline and statistics.
Improved statistics.
More options in scheduled exports.


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