TaoMix 2 - Relax with Nature Sounds MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.1.4

TaoMix 2 – Relax with Nature Sounds MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Aug 16, 2017
Nov 24, 2023
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Download TaoMix 2 now and enjoy relaxation, mindfulness meditation and sleep like never before! Create and explore immersive, unique and personal soundscapes that will transport you around the world, from the highest mountains to the ocean’s depths.

TaoMix 2

‣‣‣ How it works:
TaoMix 2 offers a unique and easy way to create your own soundscapes that can evolve randomly over time, for a perfect immersion.

1. Add ambient sounds and relaxing melodies to your soundscape.
Select from the wide range of high quality sounds or let the app choose for you. You can even record your own sounds!

2. Sit back and relax…
Lose yourself in nature’s marvelous song, and let it guide you at its own pace.
Close your eyes and calm your mind. Focus on your breathing.
Enjoy your relaxation and meditation sessions, or a good night’s sleep.

‣‣‣ Features:
• Easily create unique soundscapes that evolve over time.
• Collect and mix more than 130 carefully handpicked ambient sounds and relaxing melodies.
• Record and mix your own sounds. Possibilities are endless!
• Use the timer to fall asleep or to set a time limit to your relaxation, mindfulness meditation or yoga sessions.
• Set the alarm clock to wake up with your soundscapes.
• Option to generate random soundscapes.
• Save, rename and organize your creations.
• Listen to your own soundscapes while using other applications at the same time.

‣‣‣ Sound packs list:
• The essentials (Birds chirping, Light rain, River, Frogs, …)
• Camping on a summer night (Camp fire, Rain on the tent, Scops owl, …)
• Buzzing cafe (Coffee shop kitchen, Noisy room, Coffee grinder, …)
• Japanese garden (Chimes, Birds chirping, Water fountain, Relaxing drone, Japanese melodies, …)
• Aether (Bells, Flute, Drone, Relaxing melodies, …)
• Autumn stroll in the forest (Forest bird, Stream, Wind in trees, Squirrel, …)
• Swimming with whales (Whale song, Deep water, Underwater bubbles, …)
• Wind chimes (Metal chimes, Crystalline chimes, Wooden chimes, …)
• Binaural beats (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Theta)
• Tibetan monastery (Drum, Buddhist monks singing, Prayer wheel, …)
• Colors of noise (White noise, Pink noise, Brown noise, …)
• An evening by the fireplace (Cat purring, Fireplace, Rain on the window, …)
• And many more!

We’ll continue to add nature sounds and relaxing melodies regularly, please send us your suggestions!

‣‣‣ About the app:
We are a team of two developers based in Montreal (Canada), passionate about nature, sound and mindfulness meditation. We truly think that listening to the sounds of nature can help calm the mind, reduce stress and enter a deep relaxation state, while raising environmental awareness.

TaoMix 2 is the sequel to our first ambient noise app, TaoMix, and its design was largely guided by your constructive feedback and encouragement.



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