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Released onSep 22, 2020
UpdatedMay 27, 2024
RequirementsVaries with device
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Mod Info

– Removed all ads
– Made video, pictures and GIFs downloading without watermark to Movies/TikTok folder instead of DCIM/Camera
– Removed all restrictions on downloads, you can download any video
– Removed many other restrictions
– The application was cleaned as much as possible
– Maximum compression + ZipAlign
– Disabled unnecessary activities
– Removed restrictions on duets, stitching
– Rewind is now available in any video
– Battery drain optimization
– Removed regional restrictions
– Fixed Google authorization
– Fixed Facebook authorization
– Fixed Twitter authorization
– Fixed VK authorization
– Disabled autostart
– Enabled High Quality Audio
– Enabled High Quality Video
– Enabled Ultra Resolution
– Enabled Anti Aliasing
– Hidden root rights
– Disabled InAppBillingService
– Disabled all types of Analytics
– Disabled Measurement
– Disabled mandatory login
– Enabled watch history
– Added author tag for the name of the downloaded file
– Added ability to download profile pictures
– Monet app icon for Android 13+


TikTok Lite MOD APK is designed for users who have less than 2GB of RAM, limited data, or who connect to 2G or 3G networks. It offers a tailored solution to address creators’ specific challenges with an uncompromising TikTok experience. It runs seamlessly on slow networks, reduces data usage, and occupies only 9MB of space.

TikTok Lite Mod-1

In today’s digital age, not everyone has access to high-speed internet or the latest smartphones. Recognizing this, TikTok has introduced TikTok Lite, a streamlined version of its popular app designed specifically for users with less than 2GB of RAM, limited mobile data, or those connecting to 2G or 3G networks. This innovative app offers a tailored solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by these users without compromising on the essence of the TikTok experience.

Seamless Performance on Slow Networks

One of the key features of TikTok Lite is its ability to run seamlessly on slow networks. This is particularly beneficial for users in regions with limited internet infrastructure or for those who are data-conscious. By optimizing video streaming and data usage, TikTok Lite ensures that users can enjoy a smooth and enjoyable experience, regardless of their network conditions.

Minimal Data Usage and Lightweight Design

TikTok Lite occupies only 9MB of space, making it an ideal choice for users with limited storage on their devices. This lightweight design not only facilitates quick downloads but also minimizes the impact on device performance. Moreover, the app is engineered to consume significantly less data compared to the full version of TikTok, allowing users to browse and watch videos without worrying about exceeding their data plans.

Enhanced Holiday Experience

To make the holiday season even more special, TikTok Lite offers a personalized “For You” feed that curates trending videos and topics related to Christmas and the New Year. From creative gift-giving ideas and cozy holiday recipes to heartwarming movies and engaging festive games, users can explore a wide range of seasonal content. Additionally, for those seeking a break from the holiday rush, the app also provides educational and informative videos across various genres.

User-Friendly Features for an Enhanced Experience

TikTok Lite comes packed with user-friendly features that enhance the overall experience. Users can pinch to zoom and activate Clear Display mode, which minimizes content obstruction by hiding all UI text and icons, allowing for an uninterrupted viewing experience. The app also allows users to long-press on any video to easily share it with one or multiple contacts. Expressing reactions and engaging with content is made simple with the ability to use emojis for quick comments or tagging friends, and users can tap the heart button next to their favorite comment to highlight it.

For those who wish to save their favorite videos for later viewing, TikTok Lite offers a convenient Favorites feature. The Discover page serves as a gateway to explore the most popular content across the platform, while the search function enables users to delve deeper into their interests. Following favorite creators is hassle-free with the “+” icon located under their profile picture, ensuring that users never miss out on new content from their favorites.

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With its focus on accessibility and user satisfaction, TikTok Lite is the perfect app for anyone looking to enjoy the vast world of TikTok without the limitations posed by device capabilities or network conditions. Whether you’re looking to discover new talents, stay updated with trending content, or simply unwind with a good laugh, TikTok Lite has something for everyone.

Don’t miss out on the fun. Download TikTok Lite today and experience the joy of TikTok in its most accessible form.

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