VPN Client Pro MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

With this app you will able to connect to any OpenVPN (TUN/TAP), SSTP, WireGuard, OpenConnect (ocserv) servers and Cisco AnyConnect SSL gateways.
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UpdatedMarch 16, 2023
Requirements8.0 and up
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Premium Features Unlocked


VPN Client Pro helps users connect to private networks in different countries. It also speeds up surfing, even if access to apps and websites is prohibited in these countries.

VPN Client Pro MOD APK

If you travel or reside in another country, you may be prohibited from accessing your private connection while in those countries. However, VPN Client Pro will make you feel like you are surfing the internet at high speed and speed up your internet browsing even when using a public his wifi connection. In addition, you can access private connections, blocked websites, or applications in this country.

Access private connections in other countries

This is the perfect app for international travelers and permanent residents. Or just one of her users who wants a better network experience should use VPN Client Pro. This app helps you access private connections in other countries. Users can click to access it just like a normal connection, and usage time is fast. This feature gives you more options when using the network.

Increase max surfing speed for a better experience

In today’s technology age, everyone uses the internet on their smartphones. This can make network usage slow and jerky, leading to boredom and loss of inspiration. This app is fast and gives you the best browsing time. Even public connections will not affect your browsing speed. Alternatively, connect to a private network for even faster speeds.

Automatically connect to the application when switched on

Users can enjoy many benefits of her VPN Client Pro. In addition, to support importing and exporting configurations, you can enjoy much other automation. As soon as you turn on the device, the application will immediately connect and launch the utility with this application. This speeds up your application and saves you time. We always deliver the best experience.

Easy access to blocked websites and apps

Besides accessing blocked connections, this app helps the user to access websites and apps even if he is blocked. No matter what country you are in, you have more options to use this application. Don’t be afraid to be restricted by unknown apps or websites. This application also allows you to prevent ads from appearing on your screen.

Ensuring the security of your information

Surf the web faster and access public WiFi easily. VPN Client Pro allows you to surf quickly regardless of network. Thanks to this feature, you can be assured that your IP address information is always secure. No one can break into your connection. It’s always private. Best of all, once you’re connected to the network, they’re deleted as soon as you leave the site.

Automatically connect or pause WiFi in case of problems

It’s great that this application helps a lot with internet usage. Ensure user information security and allow users to connect as soon as the device is powered on. Not only that, but since this is an advanced application, you can enjoy many other automatic utilities. This application usually helps to disconnect or suspend WiFi as soon as it detects a problem. This will help protect your device from viruses later on.

Configuration and data backup and restore

With this one application, you can experience many pleasant moments while surfing the Internet. Especially with just one account, you can use it on many other devices.VPN Client Pro supports the protection of device configurations. Not only that, but even if the configuration is deleted at the scheduled time, it will be restored intact to its original location.


  • Easy access to private connections in other countries even if it is banned there.
  • Maximize surfing speed for a better user experience, whether it’s on a public or remote connection.
  • The app automatically connects to the application as soon as it is enabled, ensuring that it saves time in use.
  • It is possible to access blocked websites or applications without revealing your connection IP or information.
  • To ensure information safety for users, all connections will be deleted immediately so no one can track them.


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