Wakelock Detector [FULL PACK] Patched APK

Wakelock Detector FULL PACK unlocks all features (Widgets, Knowledge Base). Requires ROOT Access in Android 4.4 KitKat or later.
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UpdatedMarch 26, 2019
Requirements3.0 and up
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Wakelock Detector FULL PACK unlocks all features (Widgets, Knowledge Base). Requires ROOT Access in Android 4.4 KitKat or later.

Ever wondered why your smartphone screen does not turn off automatically when it should have, the screen wakes up all of a sudden or you find your phone battery drained even when you exited apps and turned off the screen? This might be due to wakelock holding apps. ”Wakelock Detector” helps you to detect battery draining apps in your Android phone by checking wakelock usage history. Now you can easily find out what keeps your phone awake and drain your battery when it is idle!

“Wakelock” is a mechanism of power management service in Android OS, which can be used to keep the CPU awake (Partial wakelock) and keep the screen on(Full wakelock). Applications that use wake lock privilege improperly leads to situations where the CPU or phone screen stays active without the user’s knowledge and thus causing dramatic battery drain.

“Wakelock Detector” shows wakelock usage statistics for all applications, whichever held wakelock since boot. By default, it displays CPU wake-locks sorting by the longest usage time. Further, you can choose Screen wakelock type to see screen-related wakelocks. For instance, if your screen is keeping on even after screen timeout or your screen turns on randomly by itself, then you can choose Screen wakelock type on the top (Brightness icon) to see which apps are using screen wakelock. Furthermore, if you are interested in currently running applications then you can change sorting type to “Active” which shows active running applications on the top. For further details please refer to FAQ inside Settings.

Main features:
# shows both CPU wakelock (Partial wakelock) and Screen(Full wakelock) ;
# merges wakelocks of the corresponding app into one expandable view for better user experience;
# currently active running applications are shown in red color;
# allows easy sorting options by Running state, Wakelock time, and Alphabetical order;

How to use:

#1 Charge your phone above 90% and unplug cable (or just reboot the phone)
#2 Give it a time (1-2 hours) to accumulate some wakelock usage statistics
#3 Open “Wakelock Detector”
#4 Check the apps on the top, if they show a very long wakelock usage time then you found the cause of your battery drain!

We are working on improving the performance of the “Wakelock Detector” by adding new features regarding wakelock issues users usually face. We are trying to follow up on all your comments. And we know that the application is not ideal yet. We would appreciate it if you send us an email before giving negative comments in the Play Store. Your feedbacks are always welcome!
* MIUI users – Make sure that battery service is turned on.

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Wakelock PPT [recommended] – http://goo.gl/7WgGz

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