Aqua-Info APK (Paid/Full) 18.0.1

Aqua-Info APK (Paid/Full)

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Manuel Rodrigues
May 29, 2023
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Do you love to maintain an aquarium in your home but you are not aware of proper and professional aquarium care? No need to go for an aquarium expert to get aquarium note: download the app Aqua-Info and you will get to know all the details of aquarium care.

The app Aqua-Info not only works as guide to freshwater aquariums, you can get to know the care, maintenance, and aquarium decoration ideas for marine aquariums too. Furthermore, it is a one-stop solution for gathering authentic information for fish, plants, freshwater and saltwater invertebrates in detail and in easy to read and learn format. It’s an offline aquarium manager app: once you download the application, you can access and read the needed info anytime, anywhere.

How to use the app? 
The app Aqua-Info is a handy way to learn about maintaining a well-kept and ecologically peaceful aquarium. Want to learn the tricks of DIY aquarium design? Want to have my aquarium guide info? Aqua-Info is your one stop solution for learning different types of aquarium including marine fish aquarium, freshwater aquarium, and many more types of exclusive aquariums.

In order to maintain a peaceful aquarium, you need to learn many factors like as temperature levels and PH level ideas, individual fish behavior, their reproduction mode, optimum sizes, minimum litter for keeping them happy and at ease, etc. The app Aqua-Info will help you to save your favorites info list in your favorite folder so that you can access them whenever you want. Want to check the compatibility of your favorites in your marine or freshwater aquarium? Use the ‘my aquarium’ feature and check the compatibility of your favorite fish and aquarium components at one go.

The app will work as your aquarium aquapedia. Just download it and keep on exploring its manifold features. Maintaining a beautiful aquarium is no more a tough job.

App’s Features: 

– Brilliantly made simple user interface you can easily navigate and learn.

– Smart graphics and HD quality images are a great advantage.

– The app will work as an Aquarium manager and will help you by offering alert and reminder.

– The history portion will help you to recollect your app search history. You don’t have to keep Aquarium note for future reference.

– You can research on fish or plants by common name or scientific names.

– It still has dozens of DIY aquarium tips on building and decorating the aquarium, arranging lighting, food, filtration, heating, biotype and right water balancing to make our fish tank more beautiful and a peaceful aquarium.

– Access the calculator: you will get to calculate the thickness of the glass to assemble your own aquarium, the amount of substrate to put in the aquarium, the size of an aquarium, calculation of the most suitable heating system, info about the ideal filter, about cycles of filtering, etc.

The Aqua-Info app offers hundreds of latest info about 

– Freshwater fish;
– Plants;
– Freshwater invertebrates;
– Saltwater fish;
– Corals;
– Invertebrates of salt water;

Download the app Aqua-Info and start discovering the nitty-gritty of an aquarium at your fingertips. Yu will become a good aquarium manager with the details of wide varieties of aquarium care.

What's new

- Added new images;
- Correction of features;


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