Castle Cats – Idle Hero RPG MOD APK (Free Shopping/Unlimited Money)

Castle Cats lets you become the leader of a guild of cat heroes. Progress idly in your pocket or actively when playing through battles.
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DeveloperPocApp Studios
Released onJun 14, 2017
UpdatedJun 19, 2024
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Castle Cats – Idle Hero RPG is a fun game where you can collect many cute cats and play without having to do much. You will spend time making a foundation and getting past different obstacles. You will need to pass certain levels and get cool prizes. This game is great for everyone, especially those who like cats.


Come and explore the fascinating world of cats.

If you begin playing Castle Cats, you’ll really like the graphics. The game has a make-believe world with cats that have unique abilities. You will fight with other types of animals and make your place better by building a fortified base. You will be in charge of the Guild as a leader. You need to do important things like building the base, fighting in battles, and getting new cats for the Guild.

You can watch your group in a flat picture with cats that are constantly moving, and you can tap them to see their adorable reactions. First, you need to make your avatar look like a cat. It can look different, wear different things and outfits. As you play more, you can make the cat better and get new things for it. As the leader of the group, you won’t be seen with other cats at the home base.

Join different fights.

In Castle Cats, you’ll watch and join a calm battle. The way the battle works is interesting and anyone can understand it. The two sides that don’t like each other will stay in front of each other and keep fighting. In your job, you need to click on your enemies. This makes the cats keep attacking and you need to be careful about the skills enemies have. You can use the skill if their picture doesn’t have a black background.

Click on the picture and you can do the skill right away without needing to control it much. So, we pay attention to what each cat is good at and what they can do well. When you join a certain level, you will see what skills you need to have for it. You must send trained cats to fight against the Guild Leader.

Face obstacles and gather lots of cats.

In Castle Cats, there’s a really important button called “Quest. ” You need to pay attention to it. The goal is clear in games and it can give you cool prizes and help when you begin playing. This task has many different parts to it and doesn’t just focus on one thing like fighting, making a home, or making cats stronger.

You can get new cats by completing missions, but you’ll need some tickets or diamonds to unlock them. Awesome cats will arrive in a pretty box, and you’ll be excited to see them when you open it. You can make these cats better easily, and they will look different after the upgrade. This is a game you have to play.

What's new

Castle Cats celebrates another ANNIVERSARY!
- A new cat arrives at the guild, and a new story begins to unfold - that might spell the end of our guild?! Play the Event Story Quests to find out!
- New and old Anniversary Heroes are available for recruitment!
- Celebrate another year of leadership with the Anniversary Items available for your guild leader!



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