Kidoodle.TV: Movies, TV, Fun MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Watch popular shows like PAW Patrol: Pup Tales, Peppa Pig Minis, LEGO City, My Little Pony, Talking Tom, Roblox, Masha & The Bear & more. Stream endless hours of kid-safe videos for free.
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DeveloperA Parent Media Co. Inc.
Released onMar 2, 2016
UpdatedMay 16, 2024
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Kidoodle.TV MOD APK offers a safe and fun streaming experience for kids with access to popular cartoons and kid-friendly content. With this app, parents can rest assured that their children are engaging with age-appropriate shows and movies while also having a fun and entertaining experience. The app provides a range of features that make it a great choice for families, including unlimited streaming, regular updates, and the ability to create personalized profiles.

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A Library of Kid-Friendly Content

Kidoodle.TV MOD APK offers a vast library of popular cartoons that kids know and love. From PAW Patrol: Pup Tales to Peppa Pig Minis, LEGO City, My Little Pony, and Talking Tom, children can enjoy their favorite characters and discover new ones. The app also includes live-action shows and educational content, ensuring that kids can learn while they play.

One of the app’s key benefits is that it offers unlimited, on-demand access to episodes and complete series. Kids can choose what they want to watch whenever they want, without any restrictions. This is all available for free, without any hidden costs, subscriptions, or payments required. The ad-supported plan gives families access to the entire Safe StreamingTM library, providing peace of mind for parents.

A Personalized Experience

Kidoodle.TV® allows children to create their own profiles, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement. Kids can choose their profile color, avatar, and title, and select their age group. This personalized approach makes the app more fun and intuitive for young users, who can easily navigate to their favorite shows and discover new ones.

The app also includes a robust search function, allowing kids to find their favorite shows across the entire content collection. They can also “like” and categorize their favorite episodes and share their preferences with others. This social aspect adds to the fun and interactivity of the app, creating a community for young viewers.

Entertainment and Education

Kidoodle.TV MOD APK strikes a perfect balance between entertainment and education. The app features informative and entertaining cartoons and live-action shows that engage children’s curiosity and imagination. From adventure-filled stories to funny sketches and musical sing-a-longs, there’s something for every taste and interest.

The educational aspect is seamlessly integrated, with shows that teach important lessons and impart valuable knowledge. Whether it’s learning about friendship, problem-solving, or discovering new facts about the world, Kidoodle.TV® ensures that screen time is enriching and beneficial for children’s development.

Accessibility and Safety

Kidoodle.TV is widely accessible, supporting over 1,000 devices and available in more than 160 countries and territories. This means that families around the world can enjoy the benefits of safe and fun streaming. The app has also been carefully designed with children’s privacy and safety in mind.

As a recipient of the kidSAFE+ COPPA Seal, Kidoodle.TV® does not collect any personally identifiable information from children. Parents can trust that their child’s data is protected and that the app meets the highest standards for online safety.

Awards and Recognition

Kidoodle.TV’s excellence has been recognized through multiple awards. It is a Mom’s Choice Award winner, a testament to its high quality and value for families. It has also received the Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award, ensuring that it meets the needs and expectations of real families.

Additionally, Kidoodle.TV® has been honored with the Best Mobile App Award and the prestigious Stevie Award in the Family & Kids Category, further highlighting its innovation and positive impact in the world of children’s entertainment and education.


Kidoodle.TV MOD APK offers a safe and engaging streaming experience for children, providing access to their favorite cartoons and educational content. With its personalized profiles, unlimited streaming, and fun features, it keeps kids entertained while giving parents peace of mind. Available internationally and recognized through multiple awards, Kidoodle.TV® is a trusted companion for families seeking fun and learning in a digital world.

This app ensures that screen time becomes a fun, educational, and safe experience for children, providing a valuable resource for families in today’s digital age.

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