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Master English listening and speaking skillsEnglish Listening Master will help you understand English better, improve your English language skills and help you learn real English spoken in everyday situations with the help of an English learning game. English Listening Master is the first application of its kind to make a game out of improving your English listening and speaking skills through dictation using real English conversations in a fun, enjoyable, and educational way.
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DeveloperMasterKey Games
UpdatedAug 29, 2023
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Learn English – Listening Master Pro will assist you in better understanding and learning English, as well as improving your English language abilities and learning genuine English spoken in everyday settings.

Learn English Listening Master 1

Learn English – Listening Master turns practicing and improving your English listening abilities into a game by dictating genuine English conversations in a fun, entertaining, and instructive method.

By entering the letters of the words you hear or touching the words of the audio to construct sentences, you may learn genuine English and develop your English listening abilities.

English Listening Master is a fun and instructive game for English language learners of all levels who wish to enhance their listening abilities while having fun.

Perfect audio hearing records in the classroom will not prepare you for listening in the real world.

To make the job more realistic, practical, and successful, English Listening Master combines audio from hundreds of different native speakers in real-world scenarios with background noise.

How do you play?

It’s simple. To create the proper sentence, listen to the audio and tap or enter the words you hear.

You will learn English and practice listening in a pleasant way with this amusing dictation game.

Listening Master is ideal for everyone from beginners to the most seasoned and experienced English ears, with three types of difficulty for writing the sentences and four degrees of sentence complexity.

Learn English with Listening Master Pro APK

What options are there to write what you hear?

Don’t worry, you have three alternatives depending on how much assistance you require.

In Easy mode, the words are written on the screen for you, and all you have to do is touch the words you hear in the proper order.

In Competent mode, you’ll just have the letters of the words, and you’ll have to type the letters in the right sequence to spell out each word you hear.

You won’t get any aid on Expert mode, so you’ll have to put your listening abilities to the test.

Which one will you choose?

The Grades: Beginner, Competent, Professional, and Expert are the four levels of English Listening Master.

Beginner: The easiest phrases with the fewest words to touch or spell are found on this level.

Competent: This is when things start to become a little more difficult. This level is ideal for students who have progressed a little farther in their English language studies.

Professional: Excellent for students with a strong foundation in English who wish to keep their knowledge current.

Expert: Only for individuals with the best command of the English language. Is it possible that you’re one of them?

Learn English with Listening Master Pro APK Latest Version

Do you have what it takes to become the next Listening Master?

While playing and testing your English, you’ll enhance your genuine English listening and conversation abilities with Listening Master.

You may practice alone, challenge your friends or classmates, or compete against gamers from all around the world in single player and multiplayer mode.

In your family or among your acquaintances, who has the finest ear for English? English Listening Master will make you grin while you learn English.


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