PCAPdroid - Network Monitor MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 1.6.8

PCAPdroid – Network Monitor MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

PCAPdroid is a privacy-friendly open source app which lets you track, analyze and block the connections made by the other apps in your device. It also allows you to export a PCAP dump of the traffic, extract metadata and much more!
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Emanuele Faranda
Aug 28, 2023
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PCAPdroid is an open-source app that lets you monitor and export the network traffic of your device. The app simulates a VPN to achieve non-root capture but, contrary to a VPN, the traffic is processed locally into the device.

PCAPdroid - no-root network capture

PCAPdroid Features:

– Log and examine the connections made by user and system apps
– Extract the SNI, DNS query, HTTP request, HTTP URL, and the remote IP address
– Create rules to filter out the good traffic and easily spot anomalies
– Dump the traffic into a PCAP file, download it from a browser, or stream it to a remote receiver for real-time analysis (e.g. Wireshark)
– Use the app in combination with mitmproxy to decrypt HTTPS/TLS traffic (technical knowledge required)
– On rooted devices, capture the traffic while other VPN apps are running

PCAPdroid Paid features:

– Detect malicious connections by using third-party blacklists

If you plan to use PCAPdroid to perform packet analysis, please check out the specific section of the manual.

You can join the PCAPdroid community on telegram to discuss and receive updates on the latest features.

What's new

- Add ability to open a PCAP file
- Add Arabic translation (credits: Mustafa Hamed Kathem)
- Fix app not blocked by firewall after reinstallation
- Fix DNS from unknown app incorrectly blocked in firewall whitelist mode
- Support IPv6 and host names in socks5 mode

Mod Info

Paid Features Unlocked


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