Soccer Star 2023 MOD APK (Free Rewards) 1.19.0

Soccer Star 2023 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

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Jul 31, 2023
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Become the best player in the world with the new game Soccer Star 2023 Super Football Games! Build your career as a professional and earn big money. You can buy a house, clothes, and a new sports car. Play a new game that allows you to become the greatest player ever.

Soccer Star 23 Super Football MOD APK

Swipe the screen to kick the ball! In Soccer Star 2023: Super Football Game controls are very easy to learn. Prepare your strategy and divide your defenses if you want to win the game. We need not only good goalscorers but also good defense and goalkeepers.

Few soccer games like this one allow you to become the greatest player of all time and build your career. Lifestyle He can buy countless houses, cars, and different clothes in the area to feel like a real football player. You start playing in amateur football championships and dream of becoming a professional legend. Little by little you will become a professional athlete. A new team has contacted us and we can play together in the championship. When you are at your best, the best teams in the world want to sign you and you can be a star.

Addictive and addictive gameplay

Unlike other games that require you to use both hands for flexible control, Soccer Star 2023 football cards make everything much easier. Movement and dribbling on the field are automatic, and you’ll need to use your wit to direct your attacks and defenses. When the ball reaches your feet, the screen will pause and you can draw the trajectory of the ball.

The ball then travels according to the path drawn and the next player quickly takes the ball and continues the pass to the other player. Keep doing this until you can shoot the ball and put a lot of points into your opponent’s goal. However, you have to be very careful to put the ball in the correct position for your teammates. Otherwise, the ball will be immediately stolen by the opponent. Then, when the opponent throws the ball into the goal, control the direction of the goalkeeper to catch the ball and block its attack.

Collect different soccer cards

Soccer Stars 2023 Football Cards is a card-based game style where you control your team’s players through two types of cards. Player Cards and Epic Cards. To build the best team, you need the best players. High-quality player cards can be purchased in the shop or found by completing quests.

Once you’ve assembled a team with an eye-catching name, the next thing you’ll need is some epic cards. It contains many different cards, each with its characteristics. These are called Tactics Cards, Shoe Cards, or Fitness Cards and are used to strengthen and keep your team strong. Tactical maps help you get more advantages when using the ball.

Make big money in tournaments

You’re just starting your soccer career, so you and your team can only participate in a few amateur tournaments in the United States. It’s a small tournament, but it gives you the chance to compete in big tournaments around the world. Once you’ve truly proven yourself, it’s time to climb the ranks of your legendary team and conquer all tournaments.

If you win a lot of big tournaments, you can earn a lot of money and use it to improve your life. You can own luxury mansions and the most expensive supercars. In addition to spending time bound to the pitch, you can also renovate your property at will and enjoy living like royalty.


  • Excellent visual experience with the ability to design beautiful and vivid 3d graphics that reproduce sharp images.
  • The main task of all players will be towards earning a lot of money to decorate their houses.
  • Get your team a long-term development orientation by participating in small and large tournaments.
  • The gameplay is straightforward, with no need to be flexible in the control, but only the need to have the mindset to draw the ball lines.
  • Finding and collecting good player cards for many players will bring a great experience.

What's new

🏖️ Update full of news for this summer:
👤 Your character is also in Home now!
🫰 Benefit from new exclusive discounts.
🎁 Get the season pass and enjoy more rewards.
⚽ Conquer the local or global league in ranking.



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