ViperFX RE MOD APK (ViPER4Android FX Redesign)

ViPER4Android FX is an audio enhancing software to provide everyone with better audio experiences in various platforms such as smartphones and PCs.
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DeveloperVIPER's Audio
UpdatedJun 01, 2024
Requirements7.0+ | ROOT
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Mod Info

ViPER4Android FX with material you design and improvements, based on reverse engineering version by lscle

Installation for Root

Magisk or KernelSU is required

Download driver module and flash in you device
Reboot device
Download and install ViperFX Redesign app

If the driver status remains unknown, clean install the app
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ViPER4Android FX is an audio enhancing software to provide everyone with better audio experiences in various platforms such as smartphones and PCs.

Note: does not support Android 5.1! ! ! Please do not because of this low score! Will be supported in the future

FX is the main control panel of ViPER’s Audio with all popular ViPER’s Audio settings. [Development of FX is on-going.]

★ Differential Surround / Haas Effect ★
This is an old feature which ViPER520 had removed from FX in early days.
But after many users requesting it, ViPER520 bring it back to FX
More info on Haas Effect: …haas-effect-2/

★ ViPER Fidelity Control ★
– ViPER Bass –
With different bass modes, you can have greater bass experience than before!
– ViPER Clarity –
With the latest Clarity mode selection, you can balance up heavy bass with high clarity audio that you can never imagine before!

★ Headphone Surround+ (VHS+) ★
With this VHS+, V4A produces great surround sound for Android. Different levels of VHS+ gives you different experience of virtual surround.

★ Auditory System Protection (Cure Tech+) ★
With normal audio system, listening for more than three hours will feel fatigue, dizzy, tinnitus, irritated and other symptoms.
This is a normal phenomena due to heavy bass and high volume causing permanent damage to the human auditory system.
We as an audio experience professional will not ignore this problem. Therefore, we put a lot of effort in the study on how to make a “Healing” sound technology.

★ Convolver ★
We are the first to bring convolution feature into a smartphone. When an Impulse Response Sample(IRS) is loaded, V4A will process the sound to show the same characteristics of the loaded sample. Through convolution, samples with effects such as equalizer, surround, reverberation, headphone correction tube etc can be loaded. Popular audio effects can be simulated using IRS too.

★ FX Compatible Mode (Only in 4.x) ★
Compatible Mode makes V4A working in line with the system’s sound effect. A large variety of music players with in-app sound enhancements are supported and runs simultaneously with V4A.

What's new

● Refactor all redesign resouces, code, smali, etc
● Bump base apk to support Android 14 correctly
● Android Auto is now treated as an output device (preset)
● Fixed notification persistence
● Updated dependencies
● Update translations and added polish, turksh translations
● Several internal changes, fixes and improvements


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