VPN Russia: Get Russian IP MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Get a Russian IP address with single-click ease via fast and free app Vpn servers in Russia or use it for unlocking access to blocked websites and apps. VPN connection technology featuring a 2048-bit key generated provides a secure and confidential connection to open Wi-Fi networks.
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DeveloperLocal networks
UpdatedAug 15, 2023
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Pro Features Unlocked


VPN Russia is an application that quickly provides Russian network addresses, in addition to utilities such as an ad blocker and password-free WiFi connection.



If you’re having a headache because you don’t know how to access the Internet in Russia, VPN Russia can help. Only with this application you can access his blocked Russian website and unblock all other applications. In particular, users can also access faster public WLAN addresses without passwords. Additionally, users can block annoying advertising pages on their devices while using this application.

Change Valid IP Address

If you have moved and lived in many other countries, you must follow the network laws of those countries. You cannot access or use any websites or applications that are prohibited in this country, but with VPN Russia you can use them all. This app instantly changes your IP address to a valid one that can be used by apps and websites in any country.

Accessing Blocked Websites

Don’t worry if you can’t enjoy great websites from many other countries. Using VPN Russia, you can freely access any application or website from this country. In particular, even blocked addresses can be entered and used normally. Not only that but the speed and time of typing are many times faster than without the application.

Connect to public Wi-Fi without a password

As we are in the age of technology, Wi-Fi devices are installed everywhere and of course, all Wi-Fi is completely secure. But you don’t have to worry because with this application you can easily access those Wi-Fi addresses. Whether that WiFi is protected or not, you can quickly connect without a password. And most importantly, all connections from this application to you are completely secure and will not cause any damage to your device later. Do you get ‘benefits’? If you’re annoyed by too many ads and spam appearing on your device, some applications can help you block them all. With this, you don’t have to worry too much about these issues. Just focus on your work. Only one block, in particular, can be completely removed from the site. This is a convenient way for users to enjoy their private space without spam.

Speed ​​up web browsing

Honestly, this is probably the app you should have on your phone. Not only can you access and launch blocked websites, but you can also enjoy many benefits of the application. In particular, this application also provides users with the ability to increase network connection speed. This allows her to surf quickly. Even if she is in an office environment, the application gives her a great experience when browsing the web.

Secure Your Information

This is just a free proxy application, but it will give you a lot of questionable experience. When a user accesses her public WiFi network or blocked websites, her IP address can be left private. But don’t worry. If you use a VPN Russia, our application will help you erase all traces left behind. At this point, don’t worry if malicious people try to take advantage of your information.


– Change the IP address of your device to the IP address of the VPN to suit all connections.
– Access and launch entire websites or applications, whether it is an unauthorized or blocked connection.
– Connect to public wifi addresses quickly without a password.
– Block ads or spam that always appear on your device while surfing the web.
– We are sure that our application will ensure the safety of your information.


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