WhatsDeleted: Recover Messages MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

WhatsDeleted: Recover Messages app is an utility app that will help you recover deleted messages by scanning your notifications. With WAMR app, you can recover recently deleted WhatsApp messages and any media attachments like photos, videos, voice notes, audio, animated gifs, and stickers.
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Released onJul 18, 2019
UpdatedJan 16, 2024
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mod info

•Pro unlocked
•Ads removed / disabled
•Debug info removed


WhatsDeleted Recover Deleted Messages is a utility which will help you recover deleted messages by scanning your notifications. With this app, you can not only recover text messages but also any media attachments (pictures, videos, voice notes, audio, animated gifs, and stickers)!

WhatsDeleted Recover Messages

Have you ever accidentally deleted an important message or a cherished media file? WhatsDeleted offers a seamless solution to this common problem. It’s an innovative utility designed to help you restore deleted messages by meticulously scanning your device’s notifications. But it doesn’t stop at text messages; the app is capable of retrieving a wide array of media attachments, ensuring that no precious memory is lost forever.

Key Features of WhatsDeleted

Effortless Message Recovery

WhatsDeleted specializes in the recovery of erased messages by leveraging the power of notification scanning. This function is a lifesaver, especially if you’ve removed a message unintentionally and need to retrieve it quickly.

Daily Call Overview

After every call, WhatsDeleted provides a summary, including information about recently removed messages, media files, and statuses from your network. It simplifies the process of sharing any deleted messages with your contact during the conversation, all with a single click.

Comprehensive Attachment Recovery

Whether it’s photos, videos, voice notes, audio clips, animated gifs, or stickers, WhatsDeleted has got you covered. The app is versatile, ensuring you can recover a vast range of media attachments without a hitch.

Built-In Media Preview

WhatsDeleted isn’t just about recovery; it also cares about convenience. With its in-built media player, you can preview any retrieved picture or video directly within the app, making it easy to verify the files you’ve recovered.

Status Downloader Functionality

The app goes beyond recovery by including a feature that lets you download and save statuses from your friends with a single tap. This means you can keep those fleeting moments a little longer.

How WhatsDeleted Stands Out

WhatsDeleted is more than just a recovery tool; it’s a comprehensive utility that also incorporates a Caller ID function. This feature informs you about the identity of the caller before you even pick up the phone. It’s an added layer of functionality that enhances your overall experience with the app.

In summary, WhatsDeleted acts as a guardian for your messages and media files. With its multi-faceted features, it’s an essential app for anyone looking to protect their digital communications from accidental deletions or to preserve special moments shared through statuses. Whether you’re looking to recover a text, a photo, or a memorable voice note, WhatsDeleted is there to ensure that what’s gone can be brought back with ease.



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