Gacha Club MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Gacha Club is a great fashion game with super cool and super cute chibi character designs. You can manually select characters, accessories, and weapons to your liking.
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Released onJun 29, 2020
UpdatedAug 15, 2023
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Unlimited Money


Gacha Club is a great fashion game with super cool and super cute chibi character designs. You can manually select characters, accessories, and weapons to your liking.

Gacha Club MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

It’s not just a fashion game, it’s a game unique to Gacha Club where you shape, grow, and fight your character. The first impression when it reaches the player, Gacha Club is a fashion game that impresses with super cool and super cute chibi character design. Then use the character itself to participate in battles, collect gold and rewards, and complete quests to further improve your character.

Creative and hot gameplay

Finding fashion games, character decorations, and custom action games isn’t that hard. However, if you want to find a game that combines these criteria into one game while maintaining the special features and quality, Gacha Club is your first choice.

You will have to use what you have in your inventory to enhance your character and use it to compete against people with similar stats. By winning games you will earn more gold, gems, and upgrades for his materials. to further strengthen your character. After that, the battle became more difficult. Once your resources are depleted, you can participate in mini-games to earn more gold and materials, or complete game quests. Although it is set to the same starting position, the decisive factor in improving is the aesthetic sense and character creation.

Fire station

4 different combat modes: Story, Tower, Training, and Shadow of Corruption. With over 180 characters available, your job is to understand their function and choose the right one for your mode. Earn and collect lots of coins and gems to buy more characters and improve both their appearance and fighting power.

Create a variety of creative character photos

Choose from up to 10 main characters and 90 supporting characters, and choose from 600 designs including cool, cute, beautiful, and funny. Body details are also divided so that you can choose the details that suit you best, from hair to face shape, eye color, skin tone, glasses, and clothes. Not only are they all diverse in design, but they can also be customized to your liking. You can freely combine the attached pets and accessories.

Create fun scenes with Studio Mode

Create and interact freely on any dance floor. This dance floor belongs to you. Choose colors and backgrounds according to your mood: glamorous, subversive, cute, or aristocratic dance floor. You also have the right to add up to 10 characters and create a crowded dance floor. Favorite pets and accessories are also optional, creating interactions between characters and pets. Then record those exciting moments.

Get ready and let’s fight!

Wow, it’s a crazy idea to put your character on a stage to fight monsters and friends. Four battle modes with their colors: History, Training, Towers, and Shadows of Corruption. Feel free to choose the shape that suits your current desires. Gacha Club has 180 characters and 150 super cute pets to help you in battle. Skillfully use enhancement items to increase your strength and improve your skills. Collect rare characters and super rare characters. Please master the stage with your thoughts.

Participate in fun mini-games to unlock rare characters

Rabbit VS Nekoya Mascot Whack is a mini-game. Use them for entertainment and collect super rare characters only available in minigames. Your job is to collect as many Bytes and Gems as you can and exchange them for characters. You can get even more gems by participating in the Free 2 Play mode. Please note that these mini-games do not require you to use WiFi to participate. A useful entertainment tool when you don’t have a network to connect to.

Over 1900 new characters await to own and experience this new update. One caveat to keep in mind, though, is that the game is very heavy due to its sharp graphics. Therefore, older devices may experience lag. Free up your memory, upgrade your gear, and join in spectacular battles in Gacha Club!

What's new

Gacha Club is now available on all Android devices!


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