Fake GPS Location – GPS JoyStick MOD APK (Unlocked)

Allows you to test location based apps by mocking your location via an overlay joystick control!
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DeveloperThe App Ninjas
UpdatedJan 3, 2022
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Fake GPS Location – GPS JoyStick Allows you to test location-based apps by mocking your location via an overlay joystick control. Will overwrite your current location and any apps that you want to test will think you’re in New York, London, or any other place in the world!

Fake GPS Location-GPS JoyStick Mod

This app has a “JoyStick” option which makes it simple and fun to change your location instantly.

We’ve assembled a FAQ with steps on how to make this app work for you! Please read it carefully before emailing or leaving a review:

– Changes GPS location instantly and easily
– Select your current location or any location in the world using the map or joystick
– Enter latitude/longitude directly from the joystick and teleport anywhere
– Change your location in any direction you point the joystick
– Create and save a route using any number of points on a map and walk automatically
– Pause and continue the route directly from the joystick
– Use loop or reverse route mode to walk on your route over and over
– Keep track of your favorite list of locations and routes
– Keep track of custom markers for groups of points of interest
– Import and export GPX files to your favorites, routes, or custom markers
– Displays distance and cooldown time information
– Hide option in the notification to show/hide the joystick on your screen
– Have 3 customizable speeds for your joystick
– Size, type, and opacity settings for the joystick
– Lots of settings options for complete user customization

Plus this app automatically includes the best algorithm for providing realistic GPS values. All of these variance options are available in Settings to allow complete customization for the best and most realistic location testing.

What's new

- Updated billing library to required version
- Added ability to skip mock location check on start
- Added new requirement for location permission request to display rationale
- Added new record route feature to allow recording a route using the joystick
- Fixed minor bugs and issues
- Added fast forward and rewind feature to jump to markers in route
- Added Delete All feature for favorites and routes
- Replaced deactivated google places search with native location search



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