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Lulubox is one of the best antiban game customization tools. By using this app, you can easily customize the theme, and background, as well as a lot of features of most trending games like PUBG, Garena Free Fire, Carrom pool, and much more.
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DeveloperAll For us
UpdatedSep 18, 2023
Requirements5.1 and up
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Lulubox MOD APK will help you in activating the paid and MOD features of the famous trending android games. The Lulubox app is so easy to use since it holds a user-friendly interface that will help you navigate and operate the plugins damn comfortably. There are a lot of game modifiers or patch activators available in the market, such as Lucky Patcher, Creehack, and Apsara. But Lulubox is the most effortless application to modify games.

Generally, Android applications are created with some UI permissions and a quite secure design structure to protect the laws and conditions. But Lulubox APK can function all the gaming management settings because of which, you can change the inside game permissions and can access the backend of the game damn easily. Through this process, you can easily unlock most of the paid features and assets in a lot of games without spending a single rupee. The best thing about Lulubox APK is, that you won’t need any third-party application or root access for accessing these features. You can comfortably operate all the plugins from its simple user interface and acquire any paid stuff you want.

Lulubox is one of the best antiban game customization tools. By using this app, you can easily customize the theme, and background, as well as a lot of features of most trending games like PUBG, Garena Free Fire, Carrom pool, and much more. This app will also provide you with enormous other plugins, which will help you implement a lot of MOD and script features to your favorite games. Lulubox is the most advantageous app for advanced gamers who wants to enhance their gaming skills. Also, it’s the best customization tool for beginners who are just starting their game journey and if it’s hard for them to understand the game completely. There is a vast collection of patches and plugins available in the Lulubox app for each game. Moreover, this app also contains a gfx tool for each game that will help you to play high graphics HD games in your low configuration phones by adjusting its graphics quality.

In terms of features, this app is the same as Lucky Patcher, but the user interface of this app is damn cool. Since in the lucky patcher app, for enabling all in-app purchases, you have to open the patch menu first, then you have to click on create modified APK file, and after that, you’ll get a lot of options from which it’s damn difficult to find an appropriate one. But if you’re using Lulubox, you only have to open the app and search for the game in which you want unlimited assets and click on it. Apart from enabling in-app purchases, Lulubox will also provide you with a lot of paid gun skins, parachutes, and other asset skins free of cost just by accessing the plugin provided in the Lulubox app. You will get there the list of appropriate patches in simple letters, and the best feature is, that you won’t have to reinstall that app for using MODs.

Here in this article, we will provide you with the Lulubox APK, in which you will acquire all the modifying plugin tools for various popular games. This app will also grant you a lot of additional features than that of plugins like GFX Tool, Game Booster, DND mode, and a lot of other impeccable features. So let’s forget everything and get deeper into the knowledge, features, and plugins of the Lulubox APK.

System requirements

Lulubox apk is a simple android application like others. You can easily use this application on any UI device of the Android OS. But that device must have to possess at least an Android 4.4 version. One of the best features of this app is, that it’s a light application that will hold only about 13 MB of your storage space.

Supported Games with Plugins List

There is a variety of games that are supported by Lulubox to enable cheat plugins. It provides over 20 famous trending games for enabling special features, and also you can add any additional application to the game list of Lulubox APK. From all of these games, we’ve listed below some significant games with the plugins list which are available on everyone’s android device –

PUBG MOBILE – PUBG Mobile is an online multiplayer battle royale shooting game. Lulubox will provide you with the below plugins for PUBG mobile –

  • In-game armory – By enabling this plugin of the PUBG game, you can identify the recoil, firepower, and each statistic, or in other words, you can get access to the Guns Guide of PUBG by this plugin. Moreover, you can also learn about the number of bullets needed to kill an enemy equipped with helmets and vests of different levels.

In-game loot location – By operating this plugin, while opening the game map, you will observe different color marks there, which will inform you about the location of better loot, car garages, and a possible flare gun location. It works on the phenomenon of the ESP rule.

Change Crosshair and Colour – This plugin will help you switch crosshair sight symbols, colors, and sizes, which will make it easier to kill enemies since having a larger aim size can help you better.

Garena Free Fire – Garena Free Fire is the second battle royale game, which is the favorite game of over 500M gamers worldwide. Following are the plugins provided by the Lulubox APK for Garena Free Fire –

  • Fashion Skin / Gun Skin – You must have understood a little bit about this plugin by its name. Yes, this plugin will help you in acquiring an enormous quantity of Guns skins, Parachute Skins, Fashion Skins, and a lot of surfboard skins free of cost. Must try this plugin of the app at least once, you will love it.

Game Tools – It’s the single plugin for accessing all the excellent features in the game, such as acquiring a variety of custom crosshairs, enlarging safe zone lines with distance, and Map statistics.

Hill Climb Racing – Hill climb racing is a small size everyone’s favorite racing game. Below are the details about all the plugins provided for this game –

  • Unlock All – Unlock all plugin in this game will unlock all the maps, fully upgraded vehicles, and about every asset available in the Hill climb racing app.

Candy Crush Saga – Candy Crush is one of the most downloaded casual games. Every android user well knows about this casual game. Following are the plugins available in Lulubox for Candy Crush Saga –

  • Unlimited Life and Props – This plugin will make you experience the magic version of Candy Crush. Here through this plugin, you will get 999 lives daily in place of the official five lives. Also, you will get several daily props like Lollypop, Rainbow Candy, Hand Clap, and many more paid assets.

Subway Surfers – Subway Surfers is also one of the most downloaded applications on the Google play store. It’s an arcade running game. Lulubox consists of the below-listed patches and plugins for Subway Surfers –

  • Unlimited Coins 32-bit – By enabling this plugin, you will get unlimited coins by which you can buy any number of skateboards, keys, supply boxes, ranks, etc.


Lulubox grants you access to all the magical features and plugins without paying any money and watching ads. By downloading this APK right now, you can get unlimited access to the tremendous assets in most of the games like the rarest gun skins, parachutes skins unlocked in most of the online multiplayer games, and the complete support of Lulubox’s Game Booster service. Moreover, there are a lot of features available in the Lulubox APK apart from exceptional patches and plugins. We’ve listed below most of the significant features of the Lulubox APK that will blow your mind –

Updated interface – It’s one of the best features of downloading the Lulubox APK this article you will get the damn simple user interface as well as the updated version of the Lulubox application in this article. You don’t have to update its version after downloading this app. Moreover, we’ll also post upcoming updates as soon as possible on our website whenever any new update befalls.

Wide range of latest games – The Lulubox APK will provide you with a variety of the latest trending games and all the famous old games. This application consists of over 20 famous games that cover over ten online multiplayer games that you can easily enjoy with a collection of plugins. Moreover, you can also add additional games to the Lulubox game menu and can operate GFX, DND, and a few other tools in that game.

Can work at low storage – This app is designed in an excellent way to get operated easily in any configuration device, which means it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a 1 GB RAM phone or a 4GB RAM phone. That’s why it’s a damn light size app consisting of about 13 MB of storage. It’s one of the most reliable and smallest app modifiers and patch installers.

Free in-game paid skins – By using Lulubox APK, you can acquire a collection of paid assets in online games such as PUBG, Garena Free Fire, and much more. You can use the paid gun skins, character skins, Parachute skins, and hoverboard skins, and you can also customize the whole gameplay look just by permitting the game plugins. For getting the guide knowledge about how to enable skins and other paid features, must go through the above Supported Games with the Plugins List section.

GFX Tool – Apart from getting all the paid assets free of cost, you will also obtain an invaluable service with this application known as GFX Tool. GFX Tool is a free utility launcher that tends to play HDR or extremely high graphic games in low-configuration phones without experiencing any lag issues. By using this tool, you can change the resolution of the game, unlock HDR graphics for most of the devices that don’t support HDR, and control the anti-aliasing with in-game shadows.

DND tool – If you’re bothered by unwanted calls, messages, and app notifications while enjoying your favorite games, then this app is made for you. Since by using Lulubox APK, you can block calls, messages, popups, and all other notification banners while playing games. For enabling it, you only have to select the desired app in the Lulubox app menu, and in the list of additional features, you’ll notice the Block Calls and Banners option listed. Just toggle it on, and enjoy the game.

Direct Share Option – As per this feature, you can share the Lulubox APK with your friend directly by pressing the share button placed with the upper right corner buttons. You don’t have to search for the file-sharing app and then for the Lulubox APK in the sharing app. Apart from that, you only have to tap the share button placed on the app homepage.

Unlock all props and free coins- If you love playing small casual and arcade games like Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, Temple Run, and Hill Climb Racing and are paying a lot of money for purchasing assets like maps, keys, and coins, then this app is the best option for you. Lulubox APK provides some plugins by which you can unlock every level and acquire infinite keys and coins in most small games.

Game Booster – The game booster is one of the best features of the Lulubox APK. You can find this feature in the list of additional features under most lag-issue games. This tool can boost the performance of any game even if you’re playing it in HDR quality. So you can get rid of the lagging problem in various big-sized games such as PUBG and Garena Free Fire.

Shortcut Creator – You can also create shortcuts for the games that you’ve patched or enabled plugins, which means that you don’t have to operate Lulubox again and again for playing it. For creating the shortcut, you have to open the list of plugins for appropriate apps and tap the Game Shortcut button. Must allow permission to write in file and storage.

User Interface

The user interface of the Lulubox APK is damn easy, which means that you can easily enable plugins and paid features in your desired game by using this application. Its homepage consists of a wide range of applications that supports to use of plugins. You can also add additional games to the Lulubox menu by clicking on the add(+) button. After selecting your desired application, you can easily enable several plugins available there just by toggling them. Moreover, you will notice three more options on the application page: Game shortcut, Game Booster, and GFX tool option for all the Ultra HD games available in the list. You can also turn on the DND service while playing the game to not get interrupted by calls and notifications while playing games.

Furthermore, you will also notice a share button on the homepage by which you can share the app instantly by the Xender and many other sharing apps. At last, you will discern a setting button at the upper right corner under which you can send your appropriate feedback, check for updates, and read the terms and policies of the Lulubox app. You can also follow the Lulubox community on Facebook and Youtube by the setting page.


Lulubox is one of the best app modifiers, and also it’s damn comfortable to enable plugins by this modifier. Here in this article, you will get the link to download the latest version of Lulubox APK completely out of bugs and viruses. Moreover, the Lulubox APK consists of the most proper user interface. By using this app, you can easily activate the crack features in numerous trending and most loved apps.

You also don’t have to worry about the account ban issue since our team had already tested this app for a lot of games, and as a result, they observed that Lulubox apk is the most excellent app for your delightful use. Moreover, this game doesn’t have any security issues since our team already checked it, so you don’t have to worry about device security. If you’ve any issues in the app or any other questions, please comment on them below in the comment box. Just download and experience this multitasking app and take your first step towards the Pro level.


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