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Perhaps the richest in settings cinematic video camera for Android devices. Writes 10 bits on Sony Xperia 5 and Xperia 1 devices. A fairly flexible application that can be customized to fit your device.
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October 17, 2022
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mcpro24fps – professional video recording app Perhaps the richest in settings cinematic video camera for Android devices. Writes 10 bits on Sony Xperia 5 and Xperia 1 devices. A fairly flexible application that can be customized to fit your device.

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mcpro24fps Pro Apk

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What is mcpro24fps?

I’m looking for a great product to help me shoot great footage. mcpro24fps is the only option. The application always focuses on quality and the results you get later. This photo application integrates the latest camcorders to help you create perfect works. The application is always new and there are some important features included in the application to meet the needs of the users.


  • The application focuses mainly on quality and always highly appreciates the resolution used in each video clip.
  • This is also a modern video recording application and always produces the results expected.
  • When generated, the results will be saved in many different formats and always show us the separation.
  • Contains many impressive video editing features, and you can customize them right away without taking too much time.
  • Consumes very little space and can export movies quickly, with special attention to quality.

Modern camcorder

The main application is small camcorders that record like modern camcorders. Suffice it to say how modern an application with such a compact and integrated structure is. Users can use it to record stunning videos and create vlogs.

Quality assurance

Quality is always the focus of this application. Users feel novelty through images and quality is always guaranteed. More specifically, there are different video qualities to choose from, so you can even customize the video quality to suit your needs.

Unique processing possibilities

The application is equipped with a modern video recorder, so the ability to edit videos and movies is also aimed at development. Users can instantly use their own set of editing tools to create special features in their results. Clipping can be used to keep this piece together or edit the color of the movie clip.

Seize the moment

The program will help you get your bearings and highlight the main elements you want. The ability to transfer objects cleanly and visually is appealing. This program allows users to capture a series of wonderful moments.

Keep it safe, keep it perfectly safe

You can keep your results safe by saving them in a variety of formats. The application always has a completely safe mode with many cool features.

1. Support for multiple cameras (where possible);
2. Save settings for each camera separately;

1. Support for recording 24, 25, 30, and 60 fps, depending on the capabilities of the device;
2. Support for all resolutions specified in Camera2 API;
3. Support for two codecs: AVC (h264) and HEVC (h265);
4. Support for bit rates up to 500Mb/s, depending on the capabilities of the device;
5. Hardware noise reduction settings;
6. Hardware sharpening settings;
7. Settings for hardware correction of hot pixels;
8. Support for optical and digital stabilization, depending on the capabilities of the device and manufacturer’s permissions;
9. Setting up Log profiles through a tone curve depending on the capabilities of the device;
10. Setting the tone curve through the GPU;
11. Image adjustment through additional GPU filters;
12. Additional noise reduction through GPU;
13. Configure GOP;
14. Elimination of flicker for the automatic exposure mode;
15. Different modes of white balance depending on the capabilities of the device (some devices claim to support manual BB, but it does not work correctly);
16. Two exposure modes: manual and automatic;
17. Setting automatic exposure correction;
18. Three focus modes: automatic continuous, automatic touch, and manual;
19. Three types of crop zoom: up to video size, x2.0 and maximum;
20. Support 10 bits for LG V35/V40/V50/G7/G8, Sony Xperia1/Xperia5, Samsung S10/S20 Snapdragon, Xiaomi Mi9/Pro/T/T Pro, Asus Rog Fon II.
21. Adjustment of the density of points of the tone curve (relevant for 64 points and below)
22. Bitrate mode (variable/constant), if possible
23. Distortion correction setting

1. Support for different sound sources;
2. Support for different sample rates;
3. Support for AAC bitrate up to 510kb/s;
4. The ability to record sound in a WAV file;
5. The ability to integrate WAV into MP4 after recording (the recording length of one clip is limited by the system of the device).

1. The counter of dropped frames;
2. Video size counter in the record button;
3. Convenient manual focus control;
4. In manual focus mode you can double-click to increase the preview for more accurate focus;
5. Ability to limit the manual focus on the top and bottom (double tap on the limiter button);
6. Convenient crop-zoom control;
7. Saving Log Profile Presets:
8. Saving presets of the GPU curve profiles;
9. Manual and auto-lock automatic white balance;
10. Ability to save presets for white balance settings;
11. Manual and auto-lock for automatic exposure;
12. In the manual exposure mode it is possible to change exposure depending on the frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz;
13. Flashlight (if the device supports);
14. Fixing the orientation of the camera;
15. Two types of histograms: luminance and RGB;
16. Focus picking;
17. Zebra; Zebra limits adjustments;
18. Eleven types of grids;
19. Anamorphic preview de-squeeze (video remains stretched);
20. Start/stop recording on the volume buttons or a separate camera button;
21. Three types of screen brightness;
22. The ability to select the medium where the video will be saved (to record to an SD card, a very fast card is needed);
23. Selecting the size of a single piece of video (on many devices there is a 4GB limitation);
24. The ability to write video in pieces with overlapping or one by one;
25. Indication of the focus position in the automatic continuous focus mode;
26. Automatically save most settings.
27. Preview LUTs

Highly recommended for Sony XZ1 / XZ2/C/P / XZ3 / Xperia 1 / Xperia 5.

Requirements: Support for Camera2 API at a Limited level and above.

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