Rest Icon Pack APK (Patched/Full Version)

Rest Icon Pack is an application that allows users to transform their device interface into black and gold using simple application icons.
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Released onNov 17, 2015
UpdatedJul 08, 2024
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Rest Icon Pack is an application that allows users to transform their device interface into black and gold using simple application icons.

Rest icon pack APK


Rest Icon Pack provides users with a simple user interface that creates a simple and streamlined user experience. Instead of cluttering the UI with different colors. This application offers two main colors, black and yellow. These colors provide the most comfortable viewing possible, neither too bright nor too dark. In addition to the basic functionality it brings, there are many exciting things the application can bring to your experience.

Simple interface

What makes the application so different from the applications offered by other icon packs? icon. With over 2500 different icons compatible with many different applications, especially the most popular today, this application offers a complete change of the main interface of your screen. With just a few basic operations and an easy-to-use interface, you can finally choose and use the perfect theme for your device and bring great innovation.

Good controller

As you install and try out apps, use panels to customize various actions, such as changing the device screen and icons. Note that when using the panel, you can choose from ready-made wallpapers dedicated to compatible icons. You can take full advantage of this feature to actively change your appearance and refresh your experience with fresh wallpapers.

Other features

A small fee is charged if the user wants to install the application on their device. This is because besides the ability to change his UI of icons, the application adds some interesting features. What other features are worth mentioning? Beautiful QHD wallpapers to choose from, dynamic calendar support, and many other features are at your disposal. Not only that, newly released updates always include improvements that are important for users.


  • The application icons are completely hand-drawn with highly detailed, meticulous quality.
  • Updates bring visual additions and expanded icon choices.
  • Integrated interface for multiple interfaces from different device lines completely.
  • Wallpaper with many choices, especially QHD cloud wallpaper with vivid, sharp image quality.
  • Many great features for experience, editing, and selection in the process of using the application.

What's new

- Added 10 new icons
- Activities fixes


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