Rooter: Watch Gaming & Esports MOD APK (Unlimited Coins, Premium Membership)

Watching esports live has become a fad in this generation of gaming, live gaming, and live streaming. But, at some point in their lives, every gamer has considered game streaming.
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DeveloperRooter Sports
Released onJun 9, 2016
UpdatedMay 27, 2024
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Rooter MOD APK is India’s leading and fastest-growing gaming and esports streaming app. The Rooter streaming app has 10 million active users and has great benefits such as: Watching live streams, streaming games live, earning money, and earning exciting rewards like skins and characters.

Rooter Watch Gaming Esports

Rooter: Watch Gaming & Esports

The router live streaming app has a standard version available across the internet. This version of the router app is free. This means that you can download this application for free as there are no charges. The features you get with this basic version are unique and the best thing about this basic version is that all features are free to use. Rooter is a very good platform for streaming live games and sports. Many streamers on this app offer their games live on the rooter app platform. This app has a lot of fun features and you can get a lot of great rewards and cash. In today’s fast-growing world there are many ways to make money and this is one of them. If you’re a gamer and want to build a career out of it, this app can help you do that.

You can watch all your favorite games and sports on this online platform. This means you will never get bored as rooted apps can kill boredom.
This app has so many online streamers. You don’t have to be with the same people as you can get many other online players. This application has no limits or restrictions, so you can live stream anytime and anywhere on your mobile device. The app allows users to stream and play her BGMI, PUBG, Fortnite, Free Fire, and other games. Through this app, you can stream on multiple platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, stream yourself and get more followers. Experiment with eye-catching thumbnails to engage your audience and perform beautifully on your stream.

Router MOD APK

We offer all rooting apps for free, so you can use the entire application for free. You can also earn real money in this version. This is a great feature.

Live Streaming App Rooter MOD APK also has a MOD version, this version is different from the standard version and has some exciting features that you can only get in the MOD version. Enjoy unlimited money to access all unlocked features and premium tools, all tools, and accessories with this mod version. You will not see any ads while streaming online with this version as the mod version is completely ad-free. This version doesn’t bother you with popups or notification sounds. That means you can easily live stream with the regular version of the rooting app. The normal version of the rooter app requires you to earn coins while streaming online, but with the mod version, you don’t have to as the mod offers unlimited coins.

Featured Popular Games

Rooter Live Streaming App has so many games that you can easily distract yourself from boredom. PUBG, Call of Duty, Minecraft,
Great games like Fortnite, Free Fire, Among Us GTA V, FIFA, Clash of Clans, and more. All these games are free to stream anytime without restrictions. Choose your favorite streamers and games to live stream. A fast internet connection is required for this app to get lag-free videos during live streaming.

Become a streamer

The Rooter app also gives you the chance to become a streamer with this app. Create your account on this app and then create a channel where you can live stream with your fans. Play different games with your account and become famous on the rooter app platform. You can also share the link with friends and family to join the live stream. Get more people on your stream and earn real money. Receive multiple rewards when you go live on your account. So if you have good gaming skills, give the rooter app platform a try.

Watch multiple videos

Rooter’s live streaming app not only offers games to watch but there are also many different videos that you can watch on this app. You will see a lot of videos related to this game and all these videos are completely free to watch so you will not have any problems while watching these videos

The app has an easy and attractive interface that makes all features easy to use and understand. This is a very smooth and fast app that takes up less storage space on your device. Also, you don’t need very fast internet to watch the live stream. Mobile Internet alone is more than enough to provide a lag-free, buffer-free experience. Watch live streams of your favorite players and many other pro players to improve your gaming skills and become a pro player. The app is available for all Android devices and supports Full HD streaming on some devices.

Redeem coins

Get lots of coins that can be redeemed to get multiple things while live streaming on the router app. After redeeming the coins, you will be presented with various options such as B. You can get new skins for your player or unlock your favorite characters in exchange for coins. You can also win real money with these coins if you don’t want these rewards. So if you want these exciting rewards and money, try increasing the coins you can exchange at the end.


Rooter is a very good platform for streaming live games and sports. This app has a lot of fun features and you can get a lot of great rewards and cash. Millions of people use this app to earn multiple rewards. This is a must-see app. If you have good gaming skills or want other rewards, download this app from our website…

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