Stellarium Plus MOD APK (Patched, Full Version Unlocked)

Stellarium Plus - Star Map is a planetarium app that shows exactly what you see when you look up at the stars.
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DeveloperStellarium Labs
Released onMar 18, 2019
UpdatedMay 17, 2024
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Mod Info

● No LP & Google Play Modded Needed.
● Duplicate Dpi Item Remove Like:
– Bar Length, Drawable Size, Gap Between Bars.
● Splits0 File Removed (Resources & AndroidManifest).
● Splits0 Releated Unnecessary Meta-Data Remove Like:
– Stamp Source, Stamp Type Standalone Apk, Android Vending Splits, Android Vending Derived Apk.
● Removed Debug Information (Source, Line, Param, Prologue, Local).


Stellarium Mobile Plus – Star Map is a planetarium app that shows exactly what you see when you look up at the stars. Identify stars, constellations, planets, comets, satellites (such as the ISS), and other deep sky objects in real-time in the sky above you in just a few seconds, just by pointing the phone at the sky!

Stellarium Plus APK


Stellarium Plus is an application that unlocks astronomy-related treasures to users as they gain access to much of what science has recorded in the sky. Their number is very diverse, and the image quality can appeal to any user. At the same time, some auxiliary factors such as the equator, the meridian, or some aspects related to the sky are adjusted to facilitate observations.

Main Features

See the beauty of the night sky

Experience Stellarium Plus and marvel at the beauty of stars, nebulae, and many other elements. You can take a closer look at them and explore what you need. At the same time, the application also offers many features that allow you to customize and get a viewing experience that perfectly suits your exploration preferences. The number of empty elements you can reach is huge.

Easy access to the beauty of the sky

Once you understand the main features of Stellarium Plus, take your time to learn all the features this application has to offer. In particular, the application’s vast collection includes billions of stars, countless planets, and millions of scientifically documented galaxies to discover. Feel free to zoom in and see the true picture of what you see. Of course, they are of high quality and will help satisfy your exploration.

Choosing the Right Observation Method

You can match the different views of Stellarium Plus to see the view that is appropriate for your current location. Especially the first factor is the sensor. You decide if your viewing position changes when you move your device. For night users, night mode should be enabled. When night mode is enabled, the color turns red to help you see the sky and protect your eyes.

Shows all items related to sky

Of course, if you’re a science lover and want to find important information in Stellarium Plus, stargazing isn’t enough. You can add a few items to quickly discover what you don’t know. Easily add equator, meridian, and constellation indicator lines so you know which stars make up a constellation. At the same time, you can also choose suitable scenery to observe the sky in different places.

Adjust star color and visibility

The application is already visible from multiple objects but can be edited with different elements. Light pollution determines the boldness of the sky and can be adjusted by clicking the slider or atmosphere. Star and planet labels can also be displayed from small to bold, and when all sliders are in the upper position, the sky is filled with information and looks pretty cluttered. The cutoff size helps determine how often you want to see the sky compared to other factors.

Always look at the sky

If you are an astronomy enthusiast and want to see something beautiful in the sky, you can use the application online or offline. Of course, the offline mode has less data than the online mode, but it’s still huge and eye-catching.

Keys Features

  • A library of stars, planets, and nebulae appears visually and beautifully to the user’s eyes and impresses them.
  • The amount of these elements is absolutely huge and scientifically recognized; Their image quality is sharp.
  • You can add elements related to astronomy such as equatorial, meridian, or the shape of constellations in the sky.
  • Observing the sky is completely up to the user, and there is a night mode that helps them protect their eyes when viewing.
  • Depending on the sky’s characteristics and the information on the planets and constellations, you will see their display differently when adjusting.

What's new

This update brings the following improvements:

- fix random crash in night (red) mode
- fixed the limit of 110 favorite objects
- many other bug fixes and translations improvements

We are happy to hear from you and get your feedback!


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